October 10, 2003

Music That Sucks #1: It Bites

As you may have gathered, I'm a major music fan. Throughout the years, I've managed to accumulate quite a collection. And, as in any collection, there are some real duds. I figured I'd share a few as a somewhat regular feature here. So, the first entry...

Album: Eat Me In St. Louis
Artist: It Bites

Really, I'm not sure I have to explain how I feel about this one. The title of the album says it all. It Bites was a British progressive rock band that banged around for a few years in the 80's. They resembled a poor-man's Styx...and that's not intended to sound like a good thing. They had some decent musicians and actually gained a small following - hard to believe with songs like "Yellow Christian" and the inspiring, "You'll Never Go To Heaven." Lead singer Francis Dunnery went on to play with Robert Plant and develop a small following with a solo career (and I've actually liked all of his solo work) but none of the other members have done much since. Truly, It Bites bites.

Posted by Chris at October 10, 2003 11:43 AM