October 27, 2003

On A Heavier Note

Most people who know me think I'm pretty darn duckie happy most of the time. And that's true. I really am. I try to be positive, not let the bad stuff get me down. This is why it surprises a lot of people that I fight depression on a semi-regular basis.

Today was one of those days...throw me a curve ball and I do one of two things with it - I either react well and deal with it fine or I react well and get all twisted up inside. I've been dealing with the latter issue the better part of the day. Everyone's got buttons that get pushed and one of mine got smacked with a 2X4. The problem is, I know all will be well but I'll internalize it all and have to deal with my mental gymnastics until it passes which is really a pain for me and those around me.

But I'll live and everything will be duckie fine and the world will continue to turn. Just a pothole in the somewhat bumpy road of life.

Now I will watch Fear Factor, for people eating gross things is bound to cheer me up.

Posted by Chris at October 27, 2003 1:53 PM