October 27, 2003

Rainy Days and Mondays...

The combination of absolutely drenching rain and the fact that its Monday are not helping me wake up and get moving this morning. The weekend, however, was gorgeous if not entirely productive.

Courtesy of NetFlix:
I learned yet again that movies often fall well short of the books on which they're based. Needful Things was a prime example. I read the book not long ago but the movie? It bit. And bit hard. Identity, however, was quite good. And I went all retro and popped in St. Elmo's Fire. Ahh, the Brat Pack. Such a cheesy movie with such bad acting. Its amazing any of them are still working in Hollywood...oh...wait...

Outside the House:
We actually went to see a real live movie in theaters. There was nothing we were all that interested in seeing so we decided to see something we cared less about. Runaway Jury. What a nice surprise - the cast was awesome, the plot was very well done and the overall movie was great. Probably the best Grisham film yet. We capped off the evening at a great local Mexican place.

And that's about it. Now its raining, I've got a meeting to head to (yeah, fun) and a couple things due this week so at least I'll be busy. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Posted by Chris at October 27, 2003 1:50 PM