November 30, 2003

Questions: Round One

Yesterday, I invited everyone to let me know what you thought you needed to know about me. I've gotten a decent response so far but keep them coming. I'll be rolling all these into a 100 Things soon.

This round of questions comes to you courtesy of Olive.

How'd you end up as an "IT Security Geek"?

I graduated school with very non-technical liberal arts degrees. I mean, how was Far Eastern history going to get my anywhere? I got a temporary job at a local non-profit agency as their assistant communications director. It became permanent very quickly and I began to wear many, many hats. Before I knew it, I was running and designing their Web site and handling all the technical aspects of the agency. I left the company and went to work as a systems administrator/network architect for a dot-com. After two years of good experience, I got laid off (couldnít see that one coming could you?) and moved into the wonderful world of post-9/11 IT security. It was just that simple.

If you could live anywhere on the planet, where would you choose?

Paris. Its freshest in my mind but the quality of life is so much better than ours in North America. Weíre always rushing from point a to point b. The Parisians, however, seem to take their time. It doesnít hurt that they live in a gorgeous city.

What's the story behind the cats' names?

Callie: Real name Calypso. Iím not sure exactly how it came about. Sheís been my wifeís cat since she (my wife) was twelve.
Pixel: The name was taken from a book by Robert Heinlein entitled The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. It seems somewhat appropriate.

How big is that list of books you've read in the last 5 years?

Iíve been keeping track of everything Iíve read over the last five years. I average somewhere around 100 books a year. So, probably right around 500.

Favourite possession (other than the Fender :)

Other than the Fender? Surely you jest. Thereís a group of stuff I keep in my right-front pocket. First, I have a rock that my wife gave me as a good luck charm many years go. I also have a small keyring on which I have:
-an old earring that reminds me of my youth
-a Fosters bottle cap that my wife handed me several years ago and said, ďHere, keep this foreverĒ
-a button, Iím not sure what from; and
-a small silver elephant, a good luck symbol

Yes, thatís a cheesy answer but itís the first thing I pick up in the morning and the last thing I put down at night. And I go nowhere without them.

What's the mileage on that SUV (oh, come on, you KNEW I was going to ask that one *grin)

I think its around 18 mpg. Its my wifeísÖI actually donít get to drive it as much as Iíd like.

What do you look for in a blog that keeps you reading?

Honesty and personality. Its all well and good having a blog that keeps track of the latest news or issues but if it doesnít have personality or isnít an honest reflection on the person sitting at the keyboard, it really doesnít interest me much.

Posted by Chris at November 30, 2003 4:04 PM

that answer about your posessions has to be one of the sweetest and cutest things I've ever read on a blog. that is so adorable!!

Posted by: Jessica at November 30, 2003 4:34 PM

Ohh that was fun!! Interesting questions!!

Paris sounds lovely. Ahhh...but you haven't visited Stockholm yet :-D

100 books a year? Crikey. I think I'm going on my 2nd month of trying to read "White Teeth." I can read a book in a few days, but if it doesn't catch my interest right away (which many don't) it'll take me forever to read it.

The bottle cap reminds me of something that I keep that Daniel gave me. It was the first day after Daniel had told me he loved me (some 5 years ago) and we were spending the day in the city (NYC). We went to the Twin Towers and went to the lookout on top. Up there they had one of those little machines where you pay 50 cents for it to smash a penny into an oval with a little message on it. Daniel did it and had "I love you" smashed into the penny, and then gave it to me. I still have it and would die if I ever lost it.

Posted by: Irma at November 30, 2003 5:33 PM

The keychain really is very sweet :) And I fully agree with you, a blog has to reflect personality to keep me interested.

Posted by: Jaded Angel at November 30, 2003 6:54 PM

Good to know why you read my blog ; )

Works viceversa, too.

Posted by: Marie at November 30, 2003 7:31 PM

So I guess you don't have any pants/shorts without pockets? How do you handle the keychain in a case like that?

(Sorry, it's early (I live on the West coast), that's all I can come up with.)

Posted by: Mel at December 1, 2003 9:49 AM