December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas

Offices are empty and email traffic has slowed to a halt. I wanted to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I truly hope that you, your families and friends have a happy, safe and joyous holiday.

I'll be around a bit today but will definitely be back tomorrow with the full holiday report.

Posted by Chris at December 24, 2003 8:54 AM

Thank you! The same to you.

Posted by: FN at December 24, 2003 9:05 AM

Merry Christmas, Chris! Have a wonderful time. :-)

Posted by: Dee at December 24, 2003 9:29 AM

Have a wonderful Christmas Boo Boo!

Posted by: Cheeky Girl at December 24, 2003 9:42 AM

Merry Christmas! I hope you're able to leave a little bit early today. I know I will, but that's just between you and me ;-)

Posted by: Rob at December 24, 2003 11:28 AM

Merry Christmas!!!

Finally starting to get over this flu. : )

Posted by: Theresa at December 24, 2003 11:38 AM

Merry Christmas, Chris!!

Posted by: Dawn at December 24, 2003 1:31 PM

Merry Christmas, toots.


Posted by: Marie at December 24, 2003 1:47 PM

merry christmas to you and yours!

Posted by: tj at December 24, 2003 1:52 PM

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Posted by: Krush at December 24, 2003 2:12 PM

Merry Christmas to ewe an' oars!

Posted by: Annessa at December 24, 2003 2:35 PM

have a merry christmas! :)

Posted by: laura at December 24, 2003 3:31 PM

Merry Merry to you and the family!! :) The blog world is quiet, all snug in their beds...

Posted by: Kimmie at December 24, 2003 4:18 PM

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Posted by: Empress at December 24, 2003 4:18 PM

Happy Holidays to all getting stickled by the Rude Cactus!

Posted by: BillH at December 24, 2003 5:44 PM

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Chris!

Posted by: Iki at December 24, 2003 6:45 PM

Merry Christmas Chris!

Posted by: jdiddy at December 24, 2003 7:05 PM

Merry Christmas!!!

Posted by: katherine at December 24, 2003 7:11 PM

Merry Christmas to you, your wife and your cats. Enjoy the day. :-)

Posted by: Jane at December 24, 2003 11:50 PM

Merry Christmas, Chris.

Posted by: jen at December 25, 2003 8:07 AM

Merry Christmas!

Posted by: boots at December 25, 2003 8:50 AM

Merry Christmas!

Posted by: Mark at December 25, 2003 9:52 AM

seasons greetings to you and yours

Posted by: shelli at December 25, 2003 11:15 AM

Heya Chris!! Happy holidays! :)

(I love the design... is it old? *laughs* I so need to catch up, I know... Hey, that's what a new year is for in a way, isn't it? Well anyway *lol* it looks great)

Posted by: Monica at December 25, 2003 2:41 PM

Merry Christmas!

Posted by: Alicia at December 25, 2003 9:33 PM

Hope you had an awesome Christmas Chris. *big hug*

Posted by: Jaded Angel at December 25, 2003 10:28 PM

merry christmas =)

Posted by: tiffanie at December 26, 2003 12:09 AM

I hope you had a Merry Christmas! :-)

Posted by: Rebecca at December 26, 2003 8:31 AM

Happy Ramakwanukkahmas, Chris!!!

Posted by: :: jozjozjoz :: at December 26, 2003 12:39 PM