December 29, 2003

More Moore

Say what you want about him, but Michael Moore makes some good points in his latest post.

Posted by Chris at December 29, 2003 10:55 AM

Hmmmm...well, if you give anyone the freedom to whine. They will. I certainly think we all have a right to our whinyness, but I am unwilling to base any objective opinion on any one individual complaint or belief, whether they are in Iraq or not. The American soldier has never been privvy to much information, we follow orders (yes, I am a soldier myself) and often those orders seem stupid or wrong, but that's what I signed on too when I signed up.

Posted by: Ginny at December 29, 2003 1:19 PM

I think Michael Moore is a boob...a freakin' hilarious boob, though.

Posted by: Rob at December 29, 2003 11:29 PM

I subscribe to his newsletter. I love this guy. It's nice to see the OTHER side of the American mind. You know, the one that isn't told what to think.


Posted by: Kimmie at December 30, 2003 8:54 AM

Hmmm..thought provoking.

Posted by: seger at December 30, 2003 9:40 AM

ginny is right when she said that our job is to follow orders...thats what we signed up to do and the last time i checked, military enlistment was volunteer. his opinion counts because soldiers died for his freedom to express opinions. without the ok of bush, saddam wouldn't have been captured and the people of iraq would still be suffering. yea, 500 soldiers are gone becuase of war, but the number of deaths saddam caused is practically endless. but if an 18, 19, or 20 year old is destined to die that young....whats more honorable? an overdose of LSD or a death before dismount in a war zone? michael moore needs to remember that military enlistment is a volunteer choice, and everyone...even soldiers, need to vent now and then. i can almost bet that those soldiers who wrote those letters will have a sence of pride later on. just like ginny, i am a soldier and i am damn proud of what i do.

Posted by: Annie at December 31, 2003 12:21 PM