December 12, 2003

Oh Thank Heaven...Again

Following a couple of comments about my last 7-Eleven post, I did a little research. Here are some interesting facts for Friday:

-There are approximately 24,000 7-Eleven stores worldwide, 5,800 in the United States.

-7-Eleven has the largest ATM network of any retailer in United States.

-7-Eleven customers visit a store an average of 17 times per month.

-100 million hot dogs are consumed by 7-Eleven customers every year.

-In 2002, 7-Eleven sold 33 million gallons of fountain drinks and averaged 41 million gallons of milk sold.

-Over 11 million Slurpees fly out the door every month.

Posted by Chris at December 12, 2003 7:01 AM

That's a hell of a lot of Pop! I miss 7-Eleven, we don't have one in this town and the 24/7 store we do have just isn't as good. *sniffle*

Posted by: Jaded Angel at December 12, 2003 8:44 AM

Mountain Dew Slurpees RULE!


Posted by: dewnut at December 12, 2003 10:12 AM

Urban legend around campus where I went to college (Central Michigan University) is that the 7-11 by the freshman dorms either had the highest-volume sales of all 7-11's or had the most "traffic" of all 7-11's.

I'm sure it was a rumor, but it made us feel cool to go to the school with the busiest 7-11. We didn't have many other claims to fame that we could brag about :)

Posted by: Kristi at December 12, 2003 10:29 AM

I think you failed to mention the Big GULP phenomenon.

Posted by: katherine at December 12, 2003 1:09 PM

I don't know if your store was the busiest in the world.. probably just an urban legend. I worked at a fairly busy store, and then they opened up one in the airport here in Vancouver, and the business they did there was over 10x what they did at my store. It's actually the first Airport 7-Eleven in the world, and it's cleaning up. Stuff like this, or crazy busy places like Tokyo / Times Square etc. is probably where the busiest store is located.

Posted by: Chris at December 14, 2003 4:19 AM