December 9, 2003

What The Boss Doesn't Know...

There's been some strange stuff going on today. Which leads me to my question - what have you been up to today that you wouldn't want your boss to find out about? It doesn't have to be scandalous. For instance I have been blogging, answering email, trading some email with high school friends, attempted to start a 'vast left-wing conspiracy," and worn a yarmulka for no apparent reason (well, there is a reason but it would be a serious let-down if I were to type it all out here).

So, what did you do today?

Posted by Chris at December 9, 2003 3:03 PM

I managed to refrain from strangling half the seven year olds in my class, responded "no" to a New Year's party in Blacksburg via Evite, and left a comment on your blog. I may even contemplate looking at flights I can't afford to Blacksburg for New Years Eve. :D

Posted by: Sarah at December 9, 2003 4:16 PM

ooh ooh! I spoke with a friend on the phone :D

Posted by: Jessica at December 9, 2003 4:41 PM

I'm sure my boss would be very displeased to find out I didn't get out of bed until 10:30 am. Then I took my sweet ass time getting ready and headed off to learn a foriegn language for a few hours, not to work. Then I'm sure he/she would be upset that after that I just came home, ate and did nothing for about 3 hours on the computer.

Of course, I don't have a job...sooooo....

Posted by: Irma at December 9, 2003 5:13 PM

Ooo! I like this one today, cause I did hardly any work this morning! I surfed the internet via our shitty dialup connection at work, therefore tying up the phone line and probably missing the calls of potential new clients (which really isn't THAT great, but it kept me occupied). But my bosses are on holidays halfway across the world, so they'll never know. Muahahaha.

I hate Tuesdays.

Posted by: Mel at December 9, 2003 5:19 PM

Well, today my boss would be very proud of me. I have been working my ass off. ugh! I have been sorting through spam e-mail to determine which ones aren't spam on our Mimesweeper. I have also been working with Elite tech. support regarding a windows terminal server issue. Nothing too exciting here in TX.

Posted by: Ash at December 9, 2003 5:20 PM

I blogged today. It seems as if blogging is my job the last couple of weeks. I wonder if certain people know that. I hope not!

Posted by: Rob at December 9, 2003 5:48 PM

Well, today I was pretty good, but my usual day includes using IM to chat with friends (who are also at the office), surfing the 'net, gossiping with co-workers, staring at the wall, muttering evil things under my breath, and wishing for the timely death&/dismissal of certain co-workers.

I'm very VERY glad my boss can't read my mind.

Posted by: Olive at December 9, 2003 6:10 PM

The usual blogging, and setting up my new iPod. Woohoo!

Not like the boss is ever here to check. Or really is ever in contact with me. It's a great job.

Posted by: Alicia at December 9, 2003 6:17 PM

I had the day off today YAY. But I've only done one or two things I might get in trouble for or fired over. My boss knows that at work I surf the net, email, and blog, so none of that is trouble worthy.

Posted by: Jaded Angel at December 9, 2003 7:41 PM

i took a really long and entirely unncessary nap.

Posted by: kelly at December 9, 2003 10:48 PM

Generally I work when I'm at work, since I'm only there part time, but I usually take about 10 minutes to read the headline news at noon and I almost always make at least one blog entry.

Posted by: pie at December 10, 2003 8:40 AM

Yeah, I searched for a picture of Hermey from Rudolph for my Xmas blog skin. I just didn't have the will to work yesterday!

Posted by: Kimmie at December 10, 2003 9:08 AM

Well one thing I did over the summer while alone in the office one day [I am dying to tell my boss this] is that I left the back door of the office open for some nice fresh summer air while the A/C was running -- the breeze was coming off the field and through the trees, it was great -- until a really pissed-off and MEAN bluejay happened to swoop inside the door and fly all over the office squawking VERY loudly. They are nasty mean birds... I managed to cower and avoid him enough to close off the back rooms so he wouldn't get lost. He finally got outside, but I was kinda hoping he'd leave my annoying co-worker a little "gift" for him on his desk... hehehee I think my boss would go ballistic if I admitted this to her - she's *like that*.

Posted by: *Dee* at December 10, 2003 10:14 PM