January 21, 2004

Dumbass Move Of The Day

I just got back from a meeting off-site. I had my badge out, swiped it to get into the garage, found a good parking space, grabbed my stuff and headed out of the garage towards my building. Very much a coordinated effort, right? Think again. I never turned my car off. I just got out, shut the door and walked away.

Posted by Chris at January 21, 2004 1:56 PM

Well, at least you didn't leave the lights on...

Posted by: sledge at January 21, 2004 1:58 PM

OMG! That is almost as bad as when you cut your hand trying to use a knife for icecream. I'm thinking I'm remembering that story correctly. ;)

Posted by: FN at January 21, 2004 2:02 PM

um ... oops.

Posted by: tj at January 21, 2004 2:07 PM


Posted by: Fluffy at January 21, 2004 2:21 PM

I'm not even gonna tell you how often I do that.

Which is why I have a spare set of keys at the office, in my apartment, in my bag, and with a friend.

I'm telling you, I do it *that often*.

Posted by: Anne at January 21, 2004 2:22 PM

a rough meeting was it?

Posted by: jdiddy at January 21, 2004 2:27 PM

Hehe I can honestly say I've never done that, but now that you've put the idea out there, it'll fester in my subconscious and now it's just a matter of time. Damn you. ;)

Posted by: pie at January 21, 2004 2:43 PM

OMG :) I could have done that bwhahaha ;)

Posted by: Sweety at January 21, 2004 2:53 PM

Oh. My. God.

You need a latte... STAT!

Posted by: Irma at January 21, 2004 3:04 PM

I did that once, in pay by the hour parking. on Christmas eve. I locked the doors.

You are not alone. But I'm still laughing.

RudeCactusTV would be good!

Posted by: Kimmie at January 21, 2004 3:05 PM

bwahahahah that's too good. That's totally something I would do!

Posted by: Jaded Angel at January 21, 2004 3:35 PM

If I can get away with posting it without my husband killing me, someday I'll tell the story of how he ran himself over with his own car...

Posted by: mindy at January 21, 2004 5:04 PM

Hey, that's not a bad day considering the day I've had. Our domain name goes inactive and screws up our e-mail, and guess who gets to work on fixing it and explain it all to the office, making themselves look like the one responsible?!? Oh yeah baby, that's me. Yes, I'm sounding self-centered right now, but dammit, I had a shitty day!!! I'd give anything for the worst thing to happen to me today be walking away from a car that was still running. Shit, right now I'm close to sitting in a car and letting it run in a closed garage with the day I'm having... ok, I'm being dramatic AND rambling now.

Back to the insanity...

Posted by: Kristi at January 21, 2004 5:30 PM

Um...I posted it. [prays husband does not read blog for a while]

Posted by: mindy at January 21, 2004 9:22 PM

LOL thats priceless. i've done some dumbass things like that too.

Posted by: Annie at January 21, 2004 9:50 PM

This is hard, reallllly hard but, no comment. ; )

Posted by: Theresa at January 21, 2004 10:46 PM

...did you at least lock it?

Posted by: Lee at January 22, 2004 12:31 AM

heh. Just read Mindy's story and yours. Brought to mind a little entertainment we used to have. We took nylon tape (the kind with the nylon strings embedded in it, to make it really strong) and wrapped it around the concrete parking block and the front bumper of a co-workers volkswagon. Oh, what fun it is to pull off a really good honery prank.

Posted by: wlfldy at January 22, 2004 7:55 AM

Ooooh, Wanda, that would have gotten you linked straight away, if I only knew where to point...

Posted by: Mindy at January 22, 2004 8:06 AM

hey, at least you realized it before you saw someone pulling away in your car.

Posted by: liz at January 22, 2004 9:04 AM

If I had the slightest clue where to begin, I may consider doing this Mindy.(hope you were talking to me) But alas, my imagination (and life in general) isn't much worth posting about...

Posted by: wlfldy at January 22, 2004 9:47 AM