January 7, 2004

Its Anarchy, I Tell You

People seem to labor under the misapprehension that the Internet is some tangible thing - something you could put your arms around or unplug and put in a box. This mistake was most recently demonstrated when a regulation was enforced allowing providers to block access to sites which may feature children in compromising positions. Fine. All well and good. Who's going to argue? Well, the people who had their access to thousands of innocent sites, perhaps.

While discussions about Internet taxation, online privacy and protection of children, and file-sharing abound, does anyone just not understand that this is an unregulatable beast? And maybe that's some of the appeal.

Still think it can be regulated? Really?

Quick Facts:

  • It was estimated that, by the end of 2003, 10 million American homes would be networked;
  • There are currently in excess of 800 million Web pages with thousands added daily;
  • 6.4 million people signed up for high-speed Internet service in 2003;
  • Online content pulled in $1.3 billion during 2003;
  • Throughout the next five years, worldwide Internet traffic will double annually.

Posted by Chris at January 7, 2004 12:38 PM

Amazing isn't it? How fast the net has grown? I remember TV commercials that were constantly saying things about the information superhighway coming your way soon. It was such a mystery back then. Things like spam, porno, and the music industry lawsuits have really taken technology in a new direction and also caused so many new problems. Created new laws even that one would have never thought of years before.

I'm sure it's never going to be over in any hurry either with technology moving ever forward. By the time you get your new laptop home and out of the box it's obsolete. Sheesh!

Posted by: seger at January 7, 2004 1:00 PM

Oh I truely believe it can never be regulated. Sites can be moved from one place to another within minutes - people from many different countries all over the world can create websites that reside on the same server, which would bring up the question of whose countries' laws will be put into effect. Something that can be debated until you turn blue, and then some. Regulating would mean changing the way the internet works completely - which would basically mean getting rid of it and coming up with something else.

I think you get the good with the bad in any situations. The interent allows both extremes. It is a beast, it's uncontrolable, it's boundryless. It's an electronic universe, if you will.

Now allow me to get back to Moby before my head explodes, k?

Posted by: Irma at January 7, 2004 1:01 PM

Most people who use the internet should have the good sense to exit a site they come across and find offensive. The real problem is with Children using the internet and NOT clicking off of the things they shouldn't be seeing. That however, should not be regulated by laws and software. That should be taken care of by closer parental supervision. The Internet is turning into the new babysitter for the 21st century, just like TV was in the late 20th. I spend ALOT of time on the internet, and only about 5 times in the past year have I come across porn or anything else of that "offensive" nature, by mistake. The solution as far as Im concerened, is for children to be supervised when on the internet. And adults who are turning green and having heart failure at the occaisional porn pop up..... well they just need to get laid lol

Posted by: Jaded Angel at January 7, 2004 2:02 PM

On a more personal note, what I find compelling and interesting about the good ole WWW. Is this. That people take everything that is said on the WW as gospel , and words are the equivalent toreal world action. And what information that is shared about you or others flows freely with out permission from its source or its author. How freely do fingers and minds connect about things that have no bearing on their own lives or that are any of their business. It is pervasive and invasive all at once. It is quite amazing how one can set up a situation which is quite fictional, and how easily people will believe it just because it is in type, and how offended peopel will get at reading it. Just a ponderance for the people.

Posted by: shaners at January 7, 2004 8:01 PM

You know what amazes me? The number of people that send me emails that contain hoaxes. Something along the lines of hypodermic needles full of heroin glued to gas pumps. Watch it when you pump your gas folks! Or the mysterious man in the parking lot of Walmart that is trying to get unsuspecting women to sniff a vial of ether claiming it's a perfume sample so that he can snatch them away. And everytime, I look up the hoax, do a 'Reply to all' request, 'Hey folks, I don't know who originates this garbage, but I have YET to see ONE of these that had any sort of viability to it at all. Please take just a second, verify this is garbage and stop perpetuating this junk!' And then the next email I get? 'I have just sent you a virus, please check your computer and delete this file if it exists.' And I get to finally read all of this after I open up 10 emails to actually get to the original email. I sometimes think there is more garbage than good out here.

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