February 16, 2004

Hi, I'm Chris...The Bad Toy Picker-Outer

I thought they'd be fun to play with. I mean, look at them. But apparently I was wrong. No interest whatsoever. Instead they'll just keep playing with the rug cos I guess that's just so much more fun. How was I to know?

Posted by Chris at February 16, 2004 5:31 PM

Make a catnip tea and soak 'em in it.

Betcha that'll make them like it.

Posted by: Anne at February 16, 2004 5:42 PM

They don't look fun to me either!

Posted by: Amber at February 16, 2004 5:47 PM

They play with the rug because they derive great joy at seeing you mad when they play with the rug. I just got one of those horizontal scratcher things made out of cardboard...they only like it when I sprinkle the catnip on it. Other than that, LT ignores it and Ricky tries to chew it up. Neither one of them has actually scratched it. Cats. Heh.

Posted by: Burnt Fuse at February 16, 2004 5:56 PM

yeah, rub them liberally in catnip...then again, you've got girl cats, right? nevermind...:D

Posted by: lilly at February 16, 2004 5:59 PM

I've spent roughly the equivalent of a year's salary on toys for my cats. Their favorite? A grocery store shopping bag that cost ZERO. And that, as they say, is priceless.

Posted by: Sawni at February 16, 2004 6:12 PM

Same here, brother...toys, toys, and toys, but they won't go for 'em.

And mine are both girls, too...so if what lilly says is correct, then I should quit wasting $$$ on catnip products. Dammit.

Posted by: david at February 16, 2004 6:17 PM

What's this about girl cats not liking catnip? My female cat used to get all cracked out on catnip...drooling, running into walls, freaking out...my new boy kitten is much less of an addict...the girl cat used to freak out when you even said the word "catnip."

And, she dug up all the catnip plants my father planted in the garden...and she's sit there, eat the roots, and twitch with happiness (or it was an overdose, who knows).

Posted by: Anne at February 16, 2004 6:32 PM

Non-toys are more fun than toys. DUH.

Posted by: sphinx at February 16, 2004 6:38 PM

My girl cats love catnip toys. The favorite toy of all, though, is a key on a long bit of string. Sure they roll the little balls of catnip joy around, but I think they like the key-string better because I am playing too, and the key is a nice weight. it also doesn't get lost under the sofa after a good batting.

Yeah, humans playing too must be it, because we have Let's keep mom from making the bed up! Look there's invisible mice under the covers! I'm sorry, I thought your toes were rodent intruders from another planet!
And...your lap makes the best napsite...

Posted by: Alicia at February 16, 2004 6:46 PM

I've never bought a good one yet. And I've owned cats (girls) most of my life.

Posted by: cassie-b at February 16, 2004 7:31 PM

My cats never cuddle me or play with me, and only come over when they want food, meowing and weaving in between my legs, tripping me up.
My being good with animals and nature is all a farce i tell ya farce!
*Wails and sobs*

Posted by: Fluffy at February 16, 2004 7:45 PM

My brother's cat loves those twisty-tie thing that are on bread bags. They are all over his house.

Posted by: Krush at February 16, 2004 11:09 PM

Adding catnip will do the trick for you :)

Posted by: Sweety at February 17, 2004 2:39 AM

i, personally, don't recommend catnip--
it's actually a drug that dopes the poor cat up;
my cat likes rubber bands and twisty-ties,
she'll get in a paper bag,
but won't let me play along--
most cats i've known
like the bag better if i scratch at the outside,
but this scares my current cat...

Posted by: stacy at February 17, 2004 6:26 AM

Maybe you can play with them?

My cat prefers Kaitlyn's hair ties, which is a bitch when I'm looking for matching ones.

Posted by: Kimmie at February 17, 2004 12:29 PM

don't feel bad, my cat refuses to play with anything that was specifically picked out with her in mind. the toilet paper roll? sure. the paper towerl roll? hell yeah. little pipe cleaners for dan's pipe? hours of fun. but a little scratch post with a mousey attached? pfft. riiight.

Posted by: Jessica at February 17, 2004 5:54 PM

The little plastic rings from milk jugs are the best cat toys. On a tile floor they slide like anything. And one of my cats actually plays fetch with them. You fling it across the room, she runs after it and comes trotting back meowing with it in her mouth. Cute.

Posted by: Veronica at February 18, 2004 9:01 AM