March 16, 2004


I'm not sure what took so long but I finally got around to downloading and installing MT Blacklist. What the hell took me so long? This is great! In about two minutes I managed to wipe out all of my spam-laden comments! If you're an MT user, I highly recommend it. In addition, I've added a slew of IP addresses to my blacklist lately. If you find yourself unable to comment, don't take it personally. There's obviously been a mistake. Please email me and I'll correct it in a jiffy!

Posted by Chris at March 16, 2004 7:49 AM

MT blacklist rocks!

Posted by: dewnut at March 16, 2004 7:58 AM

I need to look into that. I'm so tired of banning IP addresses every day.

Posted by: Krush at March 16, 2004 8:48 AM

i was thinking of installing that myself, but since my fresh start & all my old entries being deleted, i've had no spam. give it a few months & i'll be wishing i'd done it today.

Posted by: Marie at March 16, 2004 9:49 AM

Awesome! As soon as my husband is done building his video game machine, I'll get him on that.

Posted by: Ginny at March 16, 2004 10:00 AM

i'm not an MT user ... so i can't use it. oh wait, because i'm not an MT user, i don't HAVE to use it! :-P

Posted by: tj at March 16, 2004 11:01 AM

Isn't it fab? Make sure you get the full list fromt he website (you can find the link to it from the "Add" page in your blacklist control panel) and copy and paste all of it to add to your list. It will prevent a lot, and update it every once in a while. It's fun to go into your MT log later on and see everyhting it's blocked!

It's SOOOO GREAT. the author of MT-Blacklist is brilliant.

Posted by: Irma at March 16, 2004 11:15 AM


oh, wait,
see, i was recently banned from comments
and waxed utterly indignant about it...

this, of course,
would explain that, wouldn't it?


nothing explains my being an idiot,

Posted by: stacy at March 16, 2004 12:22 PM

I adore MT Blacklisting. We should build it a temple.

Posted by: Sweety at March 16, 2004 12:27 PM

Hope you get this comment. I hate being blacklisted.

Posted by: cassie-b at March 16, 2004 1:53 PM



Posted by: Dee at March 16, 2004 1:55 PM

Get the Plugin Manager too! You'll *love* how easy upgrades and installs are. I am using MT Blacklist but I still get 4-5 spamments a day. I manually delete them, but it's annoying. Anyone know how to fix it?

Posted by: katherine at March 16, 2004 5:00 PM

i just got around to doing it last night, too, when the 'hi see a later' comments got to be too much.

what the HELL was i waiting for? geeze.

Posted by: kelly at March 17, 2004 8:51 AM