March 17, 2004

can i pick your brain?

good, because mine is picked clean. basically i wanted to know why there are so many different types of dogs in the world? seriously. why are people breeding so many different types of dogs? we're not really hunters anymore. we don't live in packs in the wild and rely on our senses and canine friends to help us bring down a 400lb. bison to bring back to the herd.

and what do you call a group of people? i know it's a hive of bees. a bed of clams. a convocation of eagles. a horde of hamsters. a parliament of owls. and even an unkindness of ravens. but what's a group of people? herd? group? family?

and what's with this whole "nuclear" family concept? have you noticed that concept came straight out of the 40s and 50s? do you really want to live back during that time anyway? i mean, hello ... no cell phones or video games. mmm ... playstation.

so i'm playing playstation the other day and this guy totally comes up behind my character and starts swinging a sword at him. i'm all "what the hell?" and i turn around and womp on him with my halberd. that'll show him. i mean, not "show" him ... like expose my private parts or anything. i just mean, that'll "learn" him not to try to kill my character with a sword. right? right.

you ever wonder if there's a queue of bad guys in the playstation? like a waiting room ... or the red room on american idol? they all sit in there eating donuts just waiting for their chance to try to kill your character. of course, that would be counter-productive, wouldn't it? i mean, they'd kill you and end the game; thereby ending themselves. i pretty much figure they're screwed either way. they're taking it right up the old "backdoor" from me, the player ... taking it doggy-style.

so seriously, why are there so many different breeds of dogs?

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