March 17, 2004


Many Thanks Chris, for letting me rant here. Now on with the rant:

Hey, there will be no name calling here!

No not really. This entry is actually about chicken. As in last night's dinner. It could also be called- How Perdue is trying to mess with my mind.

Picture me, the unassuming cook, reaching into the fridge to retreive the succulant bird. Pre-heat oven, get out roasting pan. All I have to do not is open the package, and remove the.......

HMMM....that's funny, aren't there supposed to be giblets in there. Oh well. Hey, I'll try the other side, maybe their hiding. Um, I guess not.

Well, I'll look back at the first side, maybe I missed I didn't.

Okay, I'll read the package, maybe I got the all new "Giblet-free" chicken.
No, right there is "remove giblets" right between pre-heat oven and season chicken. How can I season, when there are no GIBLETS.

At this point I go a little crazy(at this point ,you say?) I start yelling at the bird "Where are the flipping giblets?"

I finally give up, its not that I want the giblets. Its just that I have this irrational fear that the giblets are still in the bird. I wouldn't know, I've never had to de-gibletize a chicken. I would have no idea where to start. I finally decide to bite the bullet, and bake the bird.

It turned out fine, even opening the oven every five minutes to sniff suspiciously at the food didn't ruin it. Although I then had to cook it an extra half-hour.

All this leads me to the following statement: Damn you Jim Perdue, with your "giblet-free" chicken, and your freaky weird commercials!"


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