March 17, 2004

I should write peta too

Hello humans,

Finally I get a chance to write something about MY nine lives on a weblog. Yeah, thatís right, you read it correct, I said: finally.

Sweety, my 24 hour human slave, never lets me post on her weblog. No, instead of giving me freedom of meow, that every cat should have, she writes stories about me. She places incriminating pictures of me on her weblog too. And this has been going on for more then a year now. Do you have any idea how many cat years that is??

Like this one time, I go and check out the new fridge they got. I get in there, not aware that sheís spying on me the whole time. And then she gets her phone and makes a picture. Iím not even going to begin to share my thoughts about why humans have a camera in their phone. Itís like having a food order button in my litter box. Hmm.. So anyways, she makes pictures and tells me to get the hell out of the fridge. Then she puts them up her site, like sheís the big star.

Well. Iím telling you Iím the star. Iím the star! And that post about how good Finding Nemo was? Well screw Nemo, Iíll have him for lunch.

So I thank you mister Cactus for giving me the opportunity to let everyone know I am not given the rights that every cat should have. I hope this message gets to Cattesty International too.

Iíve had it up to my whiskers with that girl. Iím selling her to another cat.

PS: Between you and me: start walking on four legs, you people look goofy.

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