March 17, 2004

Mama Hated Diesels So Bad

An IM from a friend led to a conversation about one of my favorite songs growing up. My dad had a 45 of this song called "Mama Hated Diesels." Yeah, it's a country'd you guess?

Anyway, can you imagine how freakin' EXCITED I was to find the song on iTunes MusicStore (which, if you don't have, don't's a money pit).

Just to tease y'all into grabbin' yourselves a copy (no lyrics on the net, wonder why):

Now it's me an' the local preacher, standing in the graveyard grass, staring down at the highway, watching those big boys pass...

Okay, that's all you get.

Posted by at March 17, 2004 1:42 PM

I'm desperately looking for these lyrics - can you help????


Posted by: Lane at July 13, 2004 2:48 PM

Here ya go pardner
Kevin farrell wrote it and my fave version is on Comander cody and the lost planet airmens album "we've got a live one here"

remember hearing those semis gearing down,
For me and Mumma, we lived right on the high grade into town,
And I sure loved those white freighter lights, but there was something in
Mumma's eyes,
When she'd catch me looking at them, why a little bit of her died.

Mumma hated diesels so bad,
I guess I knew it had something to do with Dad,
The first time I saw her cry, was when one of those things went by,
Mumma hated diesels so bad.

Now the years rolled along, they weren't kind to my poor Mum,
I didn't spend much time at home, I was busy having fun,
Then one day the county sherrif came and told me they had found,
A body by the side of the road, she'd been flagging diesels down.

Now it's just d the local preacher, standing in the grave yard grass,
He said he found this stuck in my s hand, it was a faded photograph,
I looked down at the picture, it was my Mumma and some guy,
Standing in front of a semi truck, "Just Married" written on the side.

Posted by: hardrive at September 8, 2004 8:20 AM