March 17, 2004

Skitz on Nothing at All

I am going to Ramble. I love to ramble. I love even more to listen. However I cannot listen to you as you are not here. Therefore I must feel the void of your voice with my own. Well okay so I won't hear my actual voice as I am typing. However I am filling the void with the sound of my keyboard as I type. Not that there's a Void. I've got music going. And the air vent sounds like a plane flying overhead. Wonder if we'll ever get that fixed. Oh well. Please do not hate me because I'm multi-cultured. I promise to not hate you if I don't know you. Or maybe I should promise to hate you if I don't know you. Then, if you didn't want me to hate you, you'd have to get to know me so I could know you. See told you I was going to Ramble. I was going to type and ask if any of you could guess who I was, but... well the Title gives it away. Damn that lack of Mysteriousness. I think I like that word. Enough Rambling! Back to work!

Have Fun

Posted by at March 17, 2004 12:33 PM