March 17, 2004

This came just in the

This came just in the nick of time. My blogsite is down, and I'm going into withdrawal. I can't even get into my mail!

This is a cat story influenced by my ever so gracious host when he posted a great cat story:

My father came home from work every evening with a pocketfull of pistashio nuts in his suit jacket. One evening, he draped the jacket over a kitchen chair and went to bed.

When he got up in the morning, there was a hole in the jacket, just below the pocket and a lot of pistashio shells strewn around. Oh my - A Mouse!!! So my parents (not sure which one did the deed) diligently set a mouse trap the next night and caught another of the furry little critters.

As it turns out, they repeated the “set a mouse trap” scenerio 17 times and caught 17 mice.

I wasn't living at home at the time, so didn't get to see the poor little mice get got.

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