March 2, 2004


I was trading email with Irma a while back and we were talking about CDs. I think she was a little surprised when I told her how many I owned. So I'll turn it over to you. I have somewhere around 3,100 CDs. Am I nuts?

I've never hidden the fact that I'm a huge music fan. I think its one of the ultimate forms of art, of expression, of culture. I know there are some people who don't see it, who don't feel the same way. But I know there are others out there who get chills when they hear the perfect, soaring guitar solo or the deep howl of a bass guitar at just the right moment.

Hi. My name is Chris. And I'm a music addict.

Your turn.

Posted by Chris at March 2, 2004 5:09 PM

We've got quite a few - over a thousand, but you've got us beat.

Don's on a crusade (started about 3 weeks ago) to listen to nearly forgotten cds. What a great idea. I'm going to post the idea one of these days.


Posted by: cassie-b at March 2, 2004 5:22 PM

Naw, not "nuts"...

FREAKING NUTS!! Holy moley, that collection is worth more than my second mortgage. Oh my little green tomatoes, I cannot get over that.

Posted by: Mindy at March 2, 2004 6:03 PM

We're up close to 1500, I think - maybe more. I wish we had the money and the room for 3000+! You are not nuts - you are wise! You can't have too many CDs or books. That's just a fact of life!

Posted by: Empress at March 2, 2004 6:12 PM

I would have more cds if I had more $$$ :)

Can I come over and raid your collection and borrow some tunes???

Posted by: Amy at March 2, 2004 6:18 PM

This is a good time to critize you but I'm just so jealous! So, I basically congratulate you on this fabulous success. You're not nuts. Just a little bit passionate about music.

Posted by: Maureen at March 2, 2004 7:06 PM

i knew a guy who had eight-tracks covering the walls of his basement...

Posted by: stacy at March 2, 2004 7:21 PM

Wow. That's incredible. Do you buy used at all?

Posted by: feisty girl at March 2, 2004 7:26 PM

Hi. My name is Lauren. I'm addicted to that little chill you're talking abou,t when a certain something within a song speaks to you, or strikes your heart. That's a great feeling.

Posted by: Lauren at March 2, 2004 7:33 PM

However, I'm not addicted to typing well. I screwed up 'about' up there.

Posted by: Lauren at March 2, 2004 7:34 PM

Holy Crap Nuggets...that is a lot of CD's. How do you find what you want? Do you have a index? Ever think of doing a side business? You could dj weddings on the weekend with that much music. Okay, I'm envious!

Posted by: Nicole at March 2, 2004 10:11 PM

I'm a music addict too, but I don't have so many cd's as you :)

Posted by: Sweety at March 3, 2004 3:01 AM

holy mother of putrescence. that's a LOT of cd's..

i thought the boyfriend was bad. good lord. strange man i tells ya ;)

Posted by: Marie at March 3, 2004 7:45 AM

i would buy that many if i wasn't so cheap, i mean poor.

Posted by: laura at March 3, 2004 9:17 AM

Dude, I know exactly what you're talking about. I have aroudn 1500 CD's and growing. Two things, 1. I never throw any away. 2. Used CD shops are a god send!

I bow myself before you. (you better be wearing pants..)

Do you use any form of database to keep them organized? Drop me a line and let me know.

Posted by: whistler at March 3, 2004 9:28 AM

I'm a music addict too. I don't have as many as you because I'm broke.

Posted by: Ash at March 3, 2004 9:35 AM

Ditto, Chris! I have a great overwhelming passion for music. Now I wish my folks had forced me to continue with my clarinet lessons in the fourth grade, and had enrolled me for piano lessons. I have alot of music inside of me that I want to unleash, but I don't have the skills. Perhaps someday!

Posted by: Dee at March 3, 2004 9:36 AM

Wow! I think it's great that you're so passionate about music; I get it too. I'm the same way with books...too many. At least you're addicted to something good and you're having fun. Enjoy the music!

Posted by: Missy at March 3, 2004 10:10 AM

hi, my name is judy, i am also a music addict. =) and, finally, here is proof that i do not own the world's largest music collection... contrary to my mother's belief. you definitely have much more music than i, but i am well on my way to achieving that level. i can't help it. i just love music. almost every kind. even when i was in the few anthropology classes i took at MWC, i loved listening to native music because i could totally appreciate it for what it was. while every one else in the classes were whispering "this is so stupid... i don't get it", i was sitting there with my eyes closed and totally getting in to it. music really is where i am the happiest. i'm glad to know there's others like me out in this world. =) funny how we both went to the same college... lol

Posted by: Judy at March 5, 2004 10:26 PM