March 26, 2004

Wise Words From Readers

I thought I'd do something a little different today and highlight some of the wise words you guys left me throughout the week. And if you don't see yourself here, please don't think I valued your comments any less. You know I think each and every one of you rock!

"Pistachio Pistachio"? Is that the favorite ice cream of Boutros Boutros-Ghali? And also, ew?
- Miss Doxie

Now I need a big sign to hang up over my desk that says, "Do I look like your bitch?" Hee.
- Dawnie

The nicest thing about the people in your office is that you can turn them right off when you go out the door.
- Cassie-b

...maybe some people LIKE being shredded by a piranha - i prefer being shredded by a Guinness, myself.
- Matt

I've always secretly believed there must be a freaky midget brothel somewhere...
- Emily

A coat-check room is absolutely essential, darling. As is a separate pastry kitchen. Hell, I have a separate kitchen for each type of cuisine I eat, much less cooking styles.
- Judith Light

Welcome to McMansion's, would you like to supersize your property taxes today?
- Amy

i'd never find my cat.
- Laura

Living proof of people who have so much money that they have to seek out ways like that to get rid of it.
- Zandria

I haven't known a silent house for nearly eight years.
- Joe

Mapquest has indeed become the slacker child of the online maps community.
- Alicia

Posted by Chris at March 26, 2004 10:35 AM

Yeah. What I said.

Posted by: Amalah at March 26, 2004 10:45 AM

I like the Guinness quote!

"You don't NEED to see his identification." - Sir Alec Guinness

Posted by: Joe at March 26, 2004 12:02 PM

Thanks for including me! What a great idea, mind if I nick it sometime for my own blog? I'll give you all the credit :)

Posted by: Alicia at March 26, 2004 12:05 PM

trying to score brownie points with your commenters huh?! lol *snort*

Posted by: Ro at March 26, 2004 12:08 PM

What a great idea for a post. I think we all get some great comments.

Happy Friday - I'm off today - and Happy weekend. I never work on weekends! So far.

Posted by: cassie-b at March 26, 2004 12:32 PM

Ha ha ha what Amy said (the second time :)) lol :)

Posted by: Sweety at March 26, 2004 12:56 PM

You also forgot the part where I may not have been the funniest, but I was definitely the PRETTIEST of all your commentators this week.

Posted by: Coleen at March 26, 2004 2:35 PM

I may not leave clever or entertaining comments, but at least I... uh...

Hmm. I'll get back to you on that one.

Posted by: pie at March 26, 2004 3:14 PM

Yeah, you totally forgot to mention how pretty all of your commenters were. I'll give Coleen the top slot, because have you seen her smile? But I'm going to claim second.

Also? You've got some funny readers, yo.

Posted by: Dawnie at March 26, 2004 3:19 PM

OH YEAH!! Well I am most likely the shortest, so there!

Posted by: gesikah at March 26, 2004 4:03 PM

Too funny, Mr. Cactus. For some reason I knew that I'd get to your site today and find something that would make me smile. :)

Posted by: Zandria at March 26, 2004 4:12 PM

aw shucks, you think i'm wise. well, i am you know.

Posted by: laura at March 26, 2004 4:42 PM

thilly, all thnakes go hith hith.

Posted by: tj at March 26, 2004 9:40 PM

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