April 13, 2004

Blue Cactus

To follow-up on the rather unusually subdued post I left this morning, I'll pull back the curtain just a little bit more. Mrs. Cactus and I had a fight...kinda. More an ongoing issue that came to a head. And I'm ready and willing to admit its my fault, what with being a self-centered asshole person and all. All will be well with some effort on my part. Mrs. Cactus and I are a great pair, of that there is no doubt.

Thank you all for being so damn supportive and sending me the encouraging messages. I thank you, I appreciate you, and I am humbled by you. Special thanks to Amy who put up with me at lunch. I'm sure I wasn't the most exciting or entertaining dining companion. At least there wasn't any mutant fruit this time!

Posted by Chris at April 13, 2004 7:57 PM

Dude, you were still a great lunch date (gah!), even if you were blue and sad and mopey. (Beth...that man LURVES you and totally admitted that you were 100% right and he was wrong and it was beautiful. I'm a witness!)

Although I? Am a SAINT. Because I sat through lunch with an ALREADY POSSIBLY BROKEN FOOT.

(I lied on my blog. I slammed the car door on my foot in the MORNING but it didn't really start to kill me until the drive home. But that sounds so weird and improbable. But true! True, I tell you!!)

Posted by: Amalah at April 13, 2004 11:27 PM

No mutant fruit? I'm so disappointed.

Posted by: Dawnie at April 14, 2004 8:45 AM

Mutant fruit is out of season now. That's why you didn't see any, got to wait for next season.

Posted by: myllissa at April 14, 2004 4:48 PM