May 13, 2004

We...And Our Shadows

Posted by Chris at May 13, 2004 6:14 PM

Does this remind anyone else of American Gothic?

Posted by: cheryl b. at May 13, 2004 6:26 PM

No, but it reminds me of the karate kid on the stump at the beach...?!

Posted by: Lee at May 13, 2004 6:38 PM

It reminds me of:

*Amber singing*

"Have you ever ever ever in your long legged life, seen a long legged man with a long legged wife..."

Posted by: Amber at May 13, 2004 7:03 PM


Posted by: Ginny at May 13, 2004 8:18 PM so tall!

Posted by: zenwanderer at May 14, 2004 12:04 AM


Posted by: yvonne at May 14, 2004 2:16 AM

That's a great photo! But do tell me, are you wearing a skirt?? :)

Posted by: Sweety at May 14, 2004 3:18 AM

Someone has a limp wrist there!

(btw.. i won the 'ku didnt i hehehe you know i did! *slips fiver in the post*)

Posted by: Fluffy at May 14, 2004 4:35 AM

Woah! 6:56 and still no post? I'm stunned. LOL


Posted by: HR Lady at May 14, 2004 6:56 AM