June 1, 2004

The Sky Is Falling

Over the past couple of days, the world has ended twice. And I'm not talking an oh-crap-my-internet-connection-died kind of devistation. I mean, that's plenty bad and I don't wish that on anyone but I'm talking full-scale terror. It started off with a measley case of plague or something along those lines. I'm talking of course about 28 Days Later. As if that weren't sufficient, the world also came to a screeching halt in The Day After Tomorrow. Beth and I have decided that all we're watching for the next week are home improvement shows.

28 Days Later was okay. It wasn't at all what I was expecting. I was looking forward to a reasonably fast-paced, scary parade of zombies and general ickiness. I got the ickiness but the movie was slow and not all that scary. What was it? Disturbing. Of note - the movie was written by Alex Garland, the dude who wrote the novel The Beach on which the film was based (the book was far better than the movie, by the way).

The Day After Tomorrow was pretty much a vehicle for special effects. Really, Mr. Director, why did you actually bother with a plot? You could have blown up, flooded, frozen, and blown away plenty of shit without trying to get us to feel for any of the one-dimensional, throw-away characters. I would have paid to see that. Bottom line? It looks cool and it actually is pretty cool...as long as you're expecting a cheesy disaster pic and not a stunning work of cinematic art.

Oh, then we watched Run Lola Run which is apparently some cult flick. Really, its a German version of Groundhog Day...well, without the funny (side note: have you ever met a funny German?). And with, go figure, lots of running. Plus some armed robbery, a little gambling and more running.

Posted by Chris at June 1, 2004 5:37 PM

I went into Day After Tomorrow expect nothing more, and LOVED it! 28 Days Later scared the CRAP out of me. Are you insane? Not scary??? Okay - I'm making a mental note, that Chris has a MUCH higher tolerance for "scary" than Zoot does!!!

Posted by: Zoot at June 1, 2004 8:41 PM

I loved Run, Lola, Run. Guess I am just weird. I got the soundtrack and it's great driving music. Not surprising, I suppose, since it is the backdrop to her constant running.

Posted by: Alicia at June 1, 2004 8:57 PM

I have the movie 28 Days Later sitting right beside my computer waiting to be watched. Perhaps I will slide it to th bottom of the stack again...thanks for the review.

Posted by: Geezitron at June 1, 2004 9:34 PM

I know what you mean about disturbing vs. scary. I had that same problem with "The Ring." A bunch of my friends kept telling me how scary it was, that I'd have nightmares for weeks, et cetera. I was expecting something really frightening - after all, these friends happened to be rather scary looking men themselves. So we all got together really late at night, turned all the lights off, and prepared ourselves for a night of sheer terror. Instead, I ended up switching between hysterical laughter and absolute disgust. Even some of the things that were supposed to be disgusting were simply laughable. The only thing that movie did for me was it further proved that, deep down inside, big scary men are most often idiotic wimps. I just don't see how something that's gross automatically translates into terror.

Posted by: Heather at June 1, 2004 9:35 PM

Did you just give a meh review to Run Lola Run?!?
I admit, it took me awhile to decide if I like it or not, but it's such an interesting movie on a possibility scale. Not to mention the awesome music.

Try "The Princess and the Warrior" by the same director. Maybe that'll be closer to your cup of tea? :)

Posted by: Olive at June 1, 2004 10:35 PM

Ok, Run Lola Run was AWESOME.

And The Day After Tomorrow was stooooopid. Same movie as ID4 and Godzilla. This time, it was just "weather attacks NYC."

Posted by: Pauly D at June 1, 2004 11:56 PM

you don't sound like you liked "28 days laters" much. i adore that movie. very creepy and yucky. although i think "cabin fever" and "wrong turn" were cool, too. and lots of people hated those. :)

Posted by: Jessica at June 2, 2004 1:01 AM

p.s. - i watched "pretty in pink" yesterday and thought about you. :D

Posted by: Jessica at June 2, 2004 1:03 AM

my great grandmother was German... never a funnier woman!

Posted by: Amber at June 2, 2004 3:11 AM

28 days later wasn't what i expected, either. i thought it was going to be more gory. but, yes, it was kind of disturbing. didn't much care for run, lola, run. kind of a strange movie.

Posted by: maia at June 2, 2004 8:21 AM

I recommend that you watch Pollyana. You need some optimism...right away. And please, don't get eaten by cicadas. I mean really, if they can eat a car, imagine what they'd do to a skinny boy like you.

Posted by: feisty girl at June 2, 2004 8:33 AM

I loved Run Lola Run. I was going to recommend The Princess and The Warrior too. Excellent.

Posted by: Fraulein N at June 2, 2004 10:29 AM

I liked 28 days later, it wasn't what i expected either. It reminded me of the Heart of Darkness theme, where man's own reaction to devastation is scarier then the disease. I am avoiding Day After Tomorrow. And I loved Run Lola Run. Still in the process of trying to find The Princess and the Warrior so I can watch that as well.

Posted by: Magealita at June 2, 2004 10:44 AM

I know a funny german. Apparently he emigrated to Canada (or did he imigrate? that one still confuses me) when he was about 3. Very funny fellow.

Posted by: Heather at June 2, 2004 5:42 PM

Pfft... my boyfriend is German, and he's very funny, thank you very much. I didn't see The Day After Tomorrow (yet?) but I thought the same, that it's only good for the effects. I'm almost interested in what the plot could be, though. It seems ridiculous from the previews.

Posted by: Chrissy at June 2, 2004 9:14 PM

I LOVE Run Lola Run! LOVE it!!!

As for 28 Days Later... I enjoyed it. It was clever... could have better production value with a larger budget. I appreciated the concept.

Haven't seen Day After Tomorrow - but plan to. I mean c'mon... Dennis Quaid is in it! :)

Posted by: Mala at June 2, 2004 9:43 PM

I went into day after tomorrow expecting effects, but no plot. I wasn't disappointed. it would have been better if it at least had an actor that I liked.

Posted by: liz at June 3, 2004 7:24 AM

Run Lola Run is one of the most strangest movies I have ever seen.

Posted by: shelli at June 3, 2004 8:52 AM

The Day After Tomorrow has been touted as "weather porn"... whoo hoo! LMAO Mr. Filthy nailed it: http://www.bigempire.com/filthy/dayaftertomorrow.html


Posted by: Dee at June 3, 2004 12:06 PM

Run Lola Run has about the best soundtrack in the last 5 years. Or 10. I forget when it came out in theaters. Shush.

Posted by: Coleen at June 4, 2004 10:53 AM