July 12, 2004

Being Rude Cactus

What if instead of posting in Chris's blog I could be Chris.

First I could get him into lots of trouble with his coworkers by patting cute women on the butt, and saying things like "nice pair of ta tas ya got there." I'm giddy with power already. To bad I didn't see Being John Malcovich, because I could steal a bunch of clever ideas from there.

Anyway, I'm sure Chris rates an office with a door, so I could take off my shoes, and flip through his private CD collection....Celine Dion, Cats original cast recording, Titanic, more Celine...well it's okay, I didn't want to listen to anything anyway.

I think Chris is in pretty good shape and I've never done a chin up on a door frame before, so I might try a couple of those. And I could eat plenty of donuts, because one day of ingesting a lot of junk food really wouldn't hurt him. Relax in the IKEA office furniture and read for a while.

Well I think that's lunch...a 3 hour, 3 martini session with Amalah, and TJ and whoever else happens to be in the vicinity.

And then back in my office I would floss, because I know he takes really good care of his teeth. I never know if I'm flossing right, and what better way to learn than to spend a day in someone else's body. Then I would pick his brain about HTML, and maybe create a innocuous virus that makes an animated spider scurry across your monitor.

Well...guess I better call it a day. There's nothing quite like being you Chris, thanks.


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