July 12, 2004

Hello Mr. Cactus

i love when you do guest blogging. even though i never have anything insightful or witty to say. but, what can ya do? =)

for anyone who is interested, my name is Judy and i'm a fellow DC Metro area-ian (area-dweller?). i found Chris through TJ, another DC Metro person. i've never met chris in person. but i'm sure we'll get around to that at some point.

well, it's now 5 o'clock and time for me to leave work. now it's off to the gym and then home. hope you're doing well Chris!


Posted by at July 12, 2004 5:00 PM

as soon as i saw the title,
i thought of the dixie chicks song,
hello, mister heartache.

so i'm thinking

hello, Mr Cactus, we've been reflecting you.
We're glad you let us guests come in
the way you often do.
You didn't say--is it a holiday?
are you writing more haiku?
Thank you, Mr Cactus. We've been reflecting you.

Posted by: stacy at July 12, 2004 7:10 PM