August 2, 2004

Turnpike Vindication

My mom called me on Saturday.

Her: My entire life has been vindicated.
Me: Huh? How? What are you talking about?

Lets turn back the clock ten years. Picture this - happy family of three is driving back from visiting family in Ohio. Happy family of three stops along the Pennsylvania Turnpike to grab something to eat. Happy family returns to the car only to discover that the car keys have been locked inside. Happy family is not so happy anymore.

My dad is a nice laid back guy most of the time but he does have a temper. I think I learned more combinations of four letter words that day than I had ever dreamed possible. Sadly, it was my mom's fault. She'd taken the keys out of her purse and left them on the front seat. We've bugged her about that ever since just for fun.

Back to the present...

Her: Well, your dad was on his way back from Ohio on the Turpike.
Me: Yeah? Why'd he take the Turnpike?
Her: I don't know know but its beside the point. So anyway, I got this email from him...
Me: Email? On the Turnpike?
Her: Yes. Listen. He pulled over to get something to eat and locked his keys in his car. With his cell phone. All he has is his Blackberry.
Me: Oh, I bet he's pissed.
Her: I think so. But get this? Now I dont feel stupid and don't have to take anymore of his crap about that!

My dad's email from the side of the Turnpike was sent at 10:30 AM. He didn't get home until 4:30 PM. Its not a six hour any stretch of the imagination.

Posted by Chris at August 2, 2004 1:30 PM

I don't suppose you're going to post his e-mail address so we can join in on the fun. We have to help your mom make up for lost time you know...

Posted by: Lee at August 2, 2004 1:47 PM

I feel your mom's pain. I have done that many times and I will rejoice the day MrZ does it. Heh.

Posted by: Zoot at August 2, 2004 1:47 PM

Luckily I've never done this. But seeing that I have no idea where my spare car keys are at the moment, me thinks I need to run and get some spares made!

Posted by: groovebunny at August 2, 2004 1:52 PM

Oy Vey! Between you and Zoot, all my embarrassing stuff is being shown today! I once locked my keys in the car while it was running.

Posted by: Oliquig at August 2, 2004 2:12 PM

Yay! Vindication! :)

Posted by: Swt GA HunnyB at August 2, 2004 2:23 PM

in the immortal words of ralphie from "a christmas story": FUDGE!

Posted by: tj at August 2, 2004 2:36 PM

Yeah, I locked my keys in the trunk of my car once. While on a road trip. In North Carolina. And I was driving 4 other people. And we were on our way to a fraternity formal. And also? I was a pledge at the time.

I have no idea how I ever got in.

Posted by: Kerry at August 2, 2004 2:36 PM

I thought it was revenge best served cold, not vindication? ;-)

Posted by: Bond Girl at August 2, 2004 2:46 PM

if that was my old man, the incident would never, ver be mentioned again, and if you did bring it up, he would flat out deny it.

Posted by: chlamygirl at August 2, 2004 3:19 PM

As awful as I feel for your dad, I must say, I'm with your mom on this one.

Posted by: Dawnie at August 2, 2004 3:25 PM

Heh. "FUDGE!" was the first thing that popped into my head too, when I thought about your dad cussing up a storm on the side of the road.

Posted by: Fraulein N at August 2, 2004 3:32 PM

Now that's a long and happy marriage when you can get to the point where you're more concerned with personal vindication than your spouse's safe return home.

Posted by: amalah at August 2, 2004 3:52 PM

Back in the day I worked at Busch Gardens as a parking lot attendant - LOTS of locked keys in cars. Also had more than one lock out with engine running. My favorite was the lock out, engine running (and a/c on) with the prankster 4 year old that WOULD. NOT. OPEN. THE. DOORS. The Mom and Dad were frantic. Then embarrassed. Then royally pissed at each other. The best part - we had a Slim-Jim tool that we could use to open the door - but the Dad did not want us to "mess up the locks" on his car. It was not a brand new car. So we called a locksmith and the Mom called the sheriff and had him arrested when he wouldn't let us get the kid out...:)

Posted by: Sue at August 2, 2004 4:10 PM

On our first date, E did that! And about a blazillion times since then. But at least each time? It reminds us of our first date :)

Posted by: GranolaSpice at August 2, 2004 4:25 PM

I smell karma in the works. I would watch out if I were you and I had to travel the Ohio turnpike, that's for sure.

Posted by: Mike at August 2, 2004 4:29 PM

your mom is so cute :)

Posted by: laura at August 2, 2004 4:39 PM

Oooh, and not only that? The PA Turnpike raised their tolls on Sunday! By a lot! It's like quadruple karma!

Posted by: Coleen at August 2, 2004 4:54 PM

I locked the keys in the car while it sat at the gas pumps and the only person in the town I new to call was my mom's ex-boyfriend from about a hundred years before.

Posted by: Deb at August 2, 2004 7:36 PM

What I find sad is that your mom has felt stupid for 10 years.

Posted by: Cammie at August 2, 2004 9:05 PM

Ouch! Well at least your mom won't feel stupid about it anymore.

Posted by: Maureen at August 2, 2004 9:29 PM