August 23, 2004

Weekend...In Pictures, Kinda

Bet you thought I dropped off the face of the earth again, huh? Nope! Despite not attending JournalCon like all the other cool kids, we had an action-packed weekend. Well, kinda. Instead of just telling you about it, I figured it would be more interesting if I actually showed you.

Here starteth the weekend photo essay...

Beth and I both took the day off on Friday, originally to prep for JCon. Despite canceling those plans, we took the day off anyway, particularly because we got to have lunch with The Amazing Dawnie. We had lunch at Nooshi, which was picked largely because of its cool sounding name. And while I successfully snapped a shot of the menu, I never actually snapped a shot of Dawn, Beth and myself because it was also The Day Of Forgetfulness and we forgot lots of things (mullet pictures, cell phones and Skittles to name just a few).

Lunch with Dawn was tres cool. I don't know why you ever would but if you have any doubts as to Dawn's inherent coolness, I can assure you such doubts are unfounded.

After lunch, Beth and I decided to go check out the World War II memorial. Yes, we live right outside the city and still hadn't gone. Slackers! It was a gorgeous day (yet a tad warm) but the memorial itself was worth seeing. I was a little apprehensive about it when they first broke ground, fearing that they'd ruin the Mall. Not so. The views are still magnificent and the memorial itself is gorgeous. Sobering, but gorgeous.

We hiked back to the car after buying myself a snowcone. An aside: Can I tell you what a sucker I am for a good snowcone? Want my eternal love and gratitude? Just give me a snowcone. Need someone whacked? Snowcone please. We headed for home and chilled with some take-out Italian and the Olympics. Oh, and I bought some music along the way too. Completely uncharacteristic of me, no?

We woke up late on Saturday and decided to catch a movie. We caught an early showing of The Villiage (opting not to catch "Pricess D2" which took me a couple minutes to figure out). The verdict? Well, I saw the twist coming. And it wasn't all that creepy. Still? Good and worth checking out. Opie's daughter was pretty good too. During the movie I munched on the Skittles that should have been, by all rights, Dawn's.

After the movie, we picked up dinner, going for our fourth consecutive night of cooking avoidance. And I decided we needed a new camera, this time one with a zoom. Call me crazy but I thought it was a good idea. Beats always having to run up to stuff to snap a picture...and its less scary to the people and things you're running up to. I picked up my shiny new toy and played with it the rest of the evening. Callie was excited too although more about the box than the camera itself.

Sunday started early and mainly revolved around the fine art of doing nothing. Sure, there were some errands to run and we happened upon a hood-ornamented CRV we rather liked. But overall? Very little was brewing and that was a good thing. My wife made some cookies and we decided to break the four night consecutive non-cooking streak in order to make ravioli for dinner. Lucky I picked up that brand new set of knives, right? Not so much. If you were to predict that the first thing I'd do with some fine, sharp German steel would be remove a digit or two, well, you know me well. Fucking sharp-ass German knives! Yes, I felt the soft, cook kiss of the clean blade and then did a little dance around the kitchen. The rest of the weekend was spent in a slight amount of pain. I said fuck a lot. Moratorium on cooking? Back in place.

Posted by Chris at August 23, 2004 11:34 AM

Isn't it hard taking a good picture with a cigarette in your hand? ;) I can never do it.

Posted by: Carla at August 23, 2004 11:44 AM

That picture of your finger made me all squinty...eep. Glad you had a good weekend though!!

Posted by: Sue at August 23, 2004 12:18 PM

Oh, man... snowcones. My friend has the snoopy snow-cone maker and there are few things better than that.

Posted by: bmh at August 23, 2004 12:38 PM

I'm forever cutting myself on my knives and my assortment of cheese graters. (Don't ask.)

Sno Cones deffinately ROCK!

Glad to see that you had a relaxing weekend!

Posted by: myllissa at August 23, 2004 12:48 PM

Wait a second... can you see my bra in that picture? Yup, I'm a classy broad.

Posted by: Mrs. Cactus at August 23, 2004 12:50 PM

Woo Hoo... nice to see the Cactus back to his usual antics. It looks like you had fun and I am really glad!

Posted by: goodsnake at August 23, 2004 12:53 PM

I also love snowcones (although I prefer shave ice, and especially Hawaiian shave ice IN Hawaii) and Skittles. And I thought The Village was a well-done and well-acted film, despite more than a few unnecessary and schmaltzy moments, and despite the totally underwhelming twist(s).

Oh, and also, I watched Garden State. It was soooo amazing. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. To explain how amazing it is, I wrote "soooo," which I don't think I'd done since junior high until just then. That means it completely rocked.

Posted by: DeAnn at August 23, 2004 1:30 PM

Chris, I feel your pain on the Fucking Sharp-Ass German knives. I've had two for under a year, and have already sliced myself 4 times with them. (Two times with each knife.)

At least it's a clean wound, and clean wounds don't scar. Plus, you know, a little extra iron in the food never hurt anyone.

Lunch was, indeed, tres cool. I have no idea if I had my camera with me. I do know I thought really hard about bringing it. But, as I was sweaty and gross and nasty, I don't think the world is missing much. They can look at the Hot Dawnie pictures from the rest of the weekend, instead.

Posted by: Dawnie at August 23, 2004 2:06 PM

Glad you had a good weekend. Not a big snocone fan, so you can have mine.

Posted by: debby at August 23, 2004 2:23 PM

Glad you had a cool weekend. My favorite picture is of Callie looking all super-busy and important. Second favorite? "Pricess D2," which cracks me up for some reason. And then makes me feel a little stupid, because it took a few seconds to figure it out.

Posted by: Fraulein N at August 23, 2004 2:29 PM

what fun weekend! *waiting patiently for my own digital camera so I can do cool posts like this* thanks for including the picture of the lovely Mrs. Cactus!

Posted by: samantha at August 23, 2004 2:35 PM

it's nice to see i'm not the only one that notices when my bra is showing in pictures.

and it's great to have you and your stories/photos back.

Posted by: laura at August 23, 2004 3:41 PM

great pictorial chris...but really I wanted to see blood and guts with the cut *sigh* lol I too will do just about anything for a snow cone... and I'm not exaggerating either!

Posted by: kimberlee at August 23, 2004 4:17 PM

I too was looking for blood and guts in the finger picture. what can I say? I'm a nurse's kid.

Posted by: Heather at August 23, 2004 4:24 PM

What kind of knives are those?

Posted by: Iki at August 23, 2004 4:47 PM

I know I've been out of it a little lately but I thought we quit that smoking thing?! Are we smoking again and no one told me? Great... always left behind!

Posted by: katherine at August 23, 2004 5:12 PM

Welcome back. Love the post.

When I finally make it to DC, you might wanna check my luggage before waving goodbye... I've been instructed by my kid to swipe Callie, cause she has fallen in love with your cat. I like her too! Frisky girl.

Um Chris? I thought we were pals? WHERES MY COOKIES??? Those look YUMMMMMMMMMMY!!!!!

Posted by: Scarlett Cyn at August 23, 2004 5:49 PM

i thought you said you "had nooshi" ... and i thought i was reading the sex blog again. er, for the first time ... ever.

Posted by: tj at August 23, 2004 9:17 PM

Sounds like a lovely weekend! :) What is it about cats and boxes? I've given up buying cat toys since my cats would rather play with the box the toy came in and the plastic bag I carried the toy home in. lol. As for snowcones...we'll be driving up north tomorrow for some shaved ice.:)

Posted by: groovebunny at August 24, 2004 4:03 AM

Weeeeeeeeee! That was fun! Thanks for sharing. Loved the picture of the way your Sunday morning started!

Posted by: Amber at August 24, 2004 4:39 AM

I wonder how someone decides their CRV needs a hood-ornament?

Posted by: LOUP at August 24, 2004 8:05 AM

Dude, skittles are to chuck at people in movie theaters... not to actually eat them. Haha. Also I thought it was weird that I had Jem's Finally Woken in my CD player when I was reading this. :P

Posted by: Maureen at August 24, 2004 11:20 AM

That Jem CD is excellent. It's quite the listen. But then again, I have a thing for chick vocals...

Posted by: whistler at August 24, 2004 2:32 PM

Oh! I went into a daze! THE FROG ON THE HOOD! OH MY! I HAVE TO FIND ONE!!! Oh my Gawd!!! How fabulous!!! I am now drooling! Lucky I didn't happen upon it I would have been VERY tempted!!!

Posted by: Gypsy at August 25, 2004 10:19 PM

Ah...the pics with the cigs! Sigh...the day I have had I sure could use a long puff on a Newport 100s! Sigh...memories! I LOVE the post! I thought Mrs. Cactus bra was her purse strap! Shh no one would notice, and if they did it would be rude! *grin* I am so glad you are back! Callie is so cute in the box looking at you like what? This is MY time not OUR time! And the memorial! Great photos! Really want to see it in person!

Posted by: Gypsy at August 25, 2004 10:35 PM