October 3, 2004

Democratic Responsibility

I was just sitting here reading and came across something that made me think for a few minutes. I feel compelled to share.

World history has been a bloody business from the get-go, but the nausea we're suffering...is particular to a democracy. Because in a democracy, we're all responsible for our government's actions, because we're responsible for electing the government. Even if we, the people, don't do anything wrong, we put the wrongdoers in power.
- Sarah Vowell, Take The Cannoli

I don't quote that with anything particular in mind. Vowell happened to be writing about a journey she and her sister took, following the Trail of Tears from its start in Georgia to its end in Oklahoma. But its something to keep in mind in an election year, whichever side of the aisle on which you happen to find yourself.

Posted by Chris at October 3, 2004 3:12 PM

Thanks for sharing that. It just makes me wonder if other countries who elect their officials feel more responsibility for the actions of their government than we do in the United States. And that's why there's been a louder outcry against Americans and anything associated with America in general, especially when it comes to issues like Iraq. I think we tend to be a society that doesn't accept blame very well and it's easier to just lay the blame somewhere else. As for me? I'm still holding All of Florida responsible for the last election. lol. I kid. ;) But seriously, thanks for sharing that thought provoking quote.

Posted by: charm at October 3, 2004 4:53 PM

An interesting thought and not something I'd thought of before.

Posted by: Bec at October 3, 2004 6:52 PM

Interesting, and frightening, perspective.

Posted by: Heather at October 4, 2004 1:47 AM

On the flip side, who's responsible for our choices as candidates?

Posted by: wlfldy at October 4, 2004 7:51 AM