October 4, 2004

The Weekend, Headaches and Domesticity

All hail the obligatory weekend recap!

This weekend was full of goodness...fall-like weather, hanging out on the kitchen floor, and good books among them.

By the time I got home on Friday, I had a head-splitting, mind-numbing headache (danger! danger! approaching migraine!) that made me feel as though my right eye was about to make a dash for freedom and pop out of my head. Luckily, that didn't happen. Instead of wallowing in my own misey and spending the evening in a darkened room moaning in pain, Beth and I went to our favorite neighborhood Thai place. Wallowing in pain with good Thai food is better than wallowing in pain propped up on a couch in a dark basement. We went home...and hung out on the kitchen floor. And I took a bottle and a half of Advil then went to bed. Perhaps not the pinnacle of excitement but, you know, you work with what you've got.

Saturday proved to be a gorgeous day. Its fall, folks. No doubt about it. Beth headed out shopping with her mom. I hung around the house and did nothing very exciting. I did manage to go to Best Buy again and not get attacked by freaks. That's something. Since we're headed up to NYC soon and I go nowhere without my camera, I loaded up on memory sticks, bought some music, caught up with my friend TiVo, finished a book, started another then read some blogs. Beth returned and we went on a hunt for shoes (not for me) then caught dinner at a local Italian place. Then the Borg Headache ("resistance is futile") made a reappearance so we went home and made it through more of season one of The West Wing (they don't make TV like that anymore...hell, they don't even make West Wing like that anymore). Saturday ended as all good Saturday's should - with a bizarre discussion about the parts of your head you can never see. (Think about it...you can't see your own head! You can see your top lip, your nose, although that should be relatively blurry, and your cheeks if you puff 'em out. But the rest of your head will largely remain a mystery to you. And just so you know, trying to see your own head doesn't make a Borg Headache get any better. Quite the opposite. Shut up! I know it was strange!)

I started off Sunday by doing the grocery shopping. Then I paid bills and balanced the checkbook (be afraid...be very afraid...I'm bad with money but its the least I can do to help out...until they repossess Beth's car or something) and worked on getting a few issues with our mortgage straightened out. Beth headed out for an evening with her mom so, in an effort to pull my weight, I cleaned my car (yes, Dawn, I cleaned my car!), did the dishes, washed and ironed a bunch of shirts that I needed this week, pressed my ties, got Chinese food, took out the trash, cleaned the place up then collapsed on the couch with a pint of Ben and Jerry's to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. After this, I had a terrible scare - my pal TiVo was recording something so all of the sudden I was confronted with a group of ten women wearing aprons and weilding mops singing American Woman on stage. Freaked my ass out. Until I realized that TiVo was recording the worst reality show ever. It was too much so I finished off another book while waiting for my wife to return...which, happily, she did.

And now I'm here. So, what's up with you guys?

Posted by Chris at October 4, 2004 8:41 AM

oh my freakin' GOD, is that show horrible!! Infact, that show is so bad, it pisses me OFF. I mean, just cast the damn show already. And David Cassidy... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP SINGING THAT DAMN SONG!!!!!!!!!! Let it go, man, let it go.

Posted by: yvonne at October 4, 2004 8:51 AM

I have a headache, dizziness, and some mild exhaustion...this baby better be sooo cute!

I told Beth I will be thinking of you both this weekend and hoping you have the best trip ever...take pictures of the sexy pants and have a drink for me...

Posted by: jujubee at October 4, 2004 10:02 AM

I am totally pissed off at my roommate who behaves like a toddler. But I did skip my first two classes this morning. I didn't get much extra sleep, but just not being in class is good enough for me.

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend - minus the whole headache thingy, for which you have my sympathies.

Posted by: Rachael at October 4, 2004 10:07 AM

Glad you had a great weekend!
I worked on Friday and Saturday, so no news there.

Saturday night we partied pretty hard around here. Had the neighbors over. My almost-sister-in-law Jessica and her boyfriend Jimmy were here, and no kids! YEA!...love em, but you know...
Anywho, hangover Sunday went by smoothly.

Sat in front of the computer looking for vintage muscle cars I want for christmas until the football games started. Then sat in front of the football games decked out in my Bronco's gear, holding a bear, shouting at the T.V., scratching my croch, pretty much acting like a guy for the rest of the day. Ok, minus the croch scratching. There are just some macho things I refuse to do...

Posted by: Jade at October 4, 2004 10:13 AM

What KIND of Ben & Jerry's?

Posted by: PinkStiletto at October 4, 2004 10:22 AM

For a second, when your link took me to VH1, I thought you were going to say that the Surreal Life is the worst reality show ever and I was going to have to scream WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!?! But, I let out a huge sigh of relief when I saw that it's the Partridge Family reality show because you are totally right. That is worse than Joe Millionare.

Glad you had a nice weekend :) I'm sure I don't even have to say "great pics!", 'cause that's just a fixture in our conversations now :)

Posted by: RockStar Mommy at October 4, 2004 10:32 AM

I wish I could have seen that West Wing. The old episodes are soooo good. I don't watch TV anymore, but sometimes I really miss that show.

Glad ya'll had a great weekend. The pictures are great!

Posted by: Sabine at October 4, 2004 10:46 AM

I for once had a weekend to rival that. Damn that makes me happy. Ah happiness on a Monday morning.

Posted by: goodsnake at October 4, 2004 10:52 AM

Pretty good weekend here to without hanging on the kitchen floor and minus the headache. Nice dinner out Saturday night - guess where?? Yeppers! Have a good Monday - well, as good of a Monday as you can anyway...

Posted by: debby at October 4, 2004 11:13 AM

I sulked, I pouted, and I got to babysit my friend's kid, which was awesome. I listened to the lectures I missed on tape because this guy in my class is the nicest guy who doesn't read my blog I'll ever meet.

And now? I got to school and took a break from listening to more tapes (Wednesday is 4 hours of class, ok?), and I FINALLY got to read your blog!!!!


Posted by: alektra at October 4, 2004 11:27 AM

LK and I finished painting the bathroom (man I love purple!), went to a dog event in Chesapeake, and had a groovy anniversary dinner at a local diner. It was a great lay about weekend.

Posted by: LOUP at October 4, 2004 11:39 AM

Gosh, we NEVER hang out on our kitchen floor! How cute/cool is it that you guys do?! I used to sit in the kitchen in the dark with the cats all the time. Now, since I've been married, not so much, especially since we don't have cats anymore (boohoo! I miss them.)

Went to Hubby's 30 yr reunion and unknowingly sat at the same table as the former love of his life. I was okay with it but he was not. He behaved really well and I didn't know there was a problem, but he told me yesterday that he was bothered by it. If I'd known that I would have totally talked about him with her. He he...Gotta love a supportive wife!

Posted by: doulazanie at October 4, 2004 11:40 AM

you weekend kicked my weekend's ass.

Posted by: type a at October 4, 2004 12:56 PM

My weekend included an avocado festival, Shaun of the Dead, and Halloween costume shopping. Ooh, and a BBQ celebrating my boyfriend's company going public. But alas, there was no lounging on the kitchen floor, or any Ben and Jerry's. Why was there no Ben and Jerry's in my weekend?? Dammit.

Posted by: Heather at October 4, 2004 1:21 PM

how you make your pictures look like dat?? Huh Huh c'mon fess up!
oh and thanks for making my laugh out loud at that Reality tv image. The French version can be just as scary- but often not nearly as funny :)

Posted by: stinkerbell at October 4, 2004 2:01 PM

Your weekend was very full! Mine also featured an eye-popping, ragweed-induced, my-god-the-light headache. I also got to unpack more boxes from moving, shop for a couch/loveseat (have narrowed it down to 3), tried ot find a TV cabinet for a very specific spot, coached my hubby through putting up his 1st light fixture (no trip to ER ensued - yay!) and watched Redskins lose. No Ben and Jerry's. Boo.

Posted by: Sue at October 4, 2004 2:05 PM

Wow, I was not nearly as productive as you were this weekend. The closest I got to cleaning was bringing the sponges and cleaners from the hall closet INTO the bathroom, where I set them down by the door. (They are still there.) Sunday evening I preyed that I could somehow WILL myself into contracting a fast-acting strain of mono that would keep me home from work today.

Hmm, I am sensing an avoidance theme to my personality...

Posted by: supine at October 4, 2004 2:12 PM

Since laying on the kitchen floor is just an open invitation for a 70 pound dog to jump on me and slather my face with doggie kisses, which I'm allergic to since they make me itch....ummm...wait I'm afraid I lost where I was going with this thought. lol Sorry about your headache. My Saturday night consisted of impersonating Jabba the Hutt, a 3 hour too much food in tummy induced stupor then Intoxicated & Drunk Bitch Chat Night with a group of girlfriends, which would have been enjoyable on any other night except on a night in which I just ate enough to feed a third world country earlier that day. Wait. Is this a ploy so you don't have to visit our blogs to see what we've all been doing this weekend??? Oh yeah...I'm on to you.... lol ;)

Posted by: charm at October 4, 2004 2:45 PM

You cleaned your car?? Also the pop tart stuff?? :)

My weekend? I've studied... and I've studied. Also I've studied. Between studying, I've studied a bit.

Posted by: Sweety at October 4, 2004 2:51 PM

Ah, a fellow West Wing junkie. I knew I liked you for a reason. Sorry about the headache from hades thing though. I get those. Not fun.

Didn't do much this weekend. I wasn't feeling well, so I clean up a bit and played Sims with my daughter.

Hope you are having a good Monday!

Posted by: Desiree' at October 4, 2004 4:28 PM

Heathen! Thou shalt not speak ill of the worst TV show of all time!

And my weekend? I moved a lot of furniture. I'm all achy now. But not headachy. It would seem you've got that covered for the rest of us.

Posted by: bmh at October 4, 2004 6:53 PM

Yeah...Saturday night/Sunday morning when I couldn't sleep because of nerves there was an old West Wing on at like 3am. It was wonderful!

Posted by: Heather at October 5, 2004 12:50 AM

I got some. The end.

Posted by: Broad at October 5, 2004 12:59 AM

I worked. Fun, huh?

I LOVE those pictures. And your cat. And your kitchen. And you guys.

I'm apparently coveting your life. I didn't realize it until now. I'm sorry.

Posted by: DeAnn at October 5, 2004 5:23 AM

Sweetie? When are you gonna study? heh.

Posted by: wlfldy at October 5, 2004 7:53 AM

Hey, Chris? Doesn't TiVo record what you TELL it to record? Care to explain how the worst reality show ever got on there? :-)

Posted by: Fraulein N at October 5, 2004 8:52 AM