November 2, 2004

Choose Your Own Adventure

This morning's meeting? Over! I'll let you guess how it went. Choose one:

a) Meeting? Eh, screw that! I went to a strip club instead.

b) The meeting went off without a hitch. I earned praise from my coworkers and the clients and successfully launched a year-long, big-money project.

c) One of the clients called me "chief." I hate being called "chief." So, you really can't blame me for the flying tackle, can you? Beating him about the head with a stapler was probably going slightly overboard though. Did you know they let you log on to the Net from the clink?

Mission #1 is accomplished. Now I have to see about that whole voting thing...

Posted by Chris at November 2, 2004 1:18 PM

I'm guessing B since you work your ass off and C since there's always one jerky in the group. Sneak a digi shot next time so we can all make fun of him :)

Posted by: Colby at November 2, 2004 1:24 PM

A and C would have been more entertaining for you (and us as well), but I am guessing B since you are a genius disguised as a madman. ::wink::

::raising glass:: Here's hoping it was B. Happy Voting!

Posted by: Desiree' at November 2, 2004 1:34 PM

I like No# 1 only cause im a perv and can think of no better way to start a morning. Kinda sounds like a halloween party I was at this weekend though

Posted by: shaners at November 2, 2004 2:44 PM

You MOVED the meeting to the strip club, after somebody called you Chief, and then you nailed a TWO year contract since they were so impressed with how you recovered from the "Chief" bit. But now "Candy" wants a bonus.


Posted by: ben at November 2, 2004 4:01 PM

Just got back from voting! An hour long line! And it wasn't even rush hour! I think it's going to be a record turnout!

Posted by: RockStar Mommy at November 2, 2004 4:05 PM

even though c would have been much more entertaining - I'd go with B....Voting took me 1.5 hours today!

Posted by: Sue at November 2, 2004 4:28 PM

I'm so glad the voting thing is over - at least for Don and me. We went, we voted, and hopefully, we made wise choices.

Posted by: cassie-b at November 2, 2004 4:41 PM

I call my husband 'chief' when I want him to make a decision. He doesn't seem to like it either. ;-)

Posted by: Dawn (webmiztris) at November 2, 2004 5:03 PM

I vote for c...

wanna come do some flying tackles for me tomorrow in my staff sure would liven it up.

Posted by: Amy at November 2, 2004 5:31 PM

I choose A.
Oh, wait. That's what i did. Ok....
For Mr. Cactus...I choose B!
You go mister!

Posted by: Jade at November 2, 2004 5:36 PM

I going with a combination of b & a. In that order.

Posted by: tesco at November 2, 2004 8:38 PM

You have been HOT lately and on a ROLL work wise! Good for you Mr. Cactus I choose B, I believe in you...see? I am clapping my hands! Ut oh, that only works for Tinkerbell! But I still know it's B! Right?

Posted by: gypsy at November 3, 2004 12:24 AM

Have you rented/seen The Office yet? You must! For anybody who works in an office where they sometimes roll their eyes, The Office is a wonderful stress reliever.

Posted by: Shiz at November 3, 2004 4:13 PM

Oh, and I say B, too.

Posted by: Shiz at November 3, 2004 4:14 PM