November 11, 2004

Oh My!

Well, it's been a while since i last saw the insides of movable type! Such nostalgia *sniff*. Thanks to Mr C for making this dream of mine come true!
Meetings suck.
It's true.
And this being open mic blogging i'd like to move swiftly on, and start a discussion on working parents.
Or rather working single parents.
It is a dilemma i am currently working (hah punage!) through.
I want to work. I need to work. I have to be around grown ups for a change (well it's been ten years!) and no offence meant to my kids (of 9, 5 and 2 years old).
But it doesn't seem possible in this evil country of mine (the UK).
Childcare costs are extortionate. Did i spell that right? *shrugs* They will wipe out my income.
It is easier for me to remain on benefits. Surely this is wrong wrong wrong!
Plus i'm dictated to as to where i can live whilst on benefits. I want to do things, and be places but some government/council has ruled that i can't. Unless i come off benefits.

Oh chicken and egg, you cruel mistress you.
Well this has been me, Miss Fluffy, at Chris' lovely Open Mic blog. Enjoying it immensly. Even though there were no funnies. Got something off me chest though. (Stop looking at my chest!)

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