December 18, 2004

iPod Update

This is going to take a little while. I'm now up to 3,406 songs, 11 days, and over 14 GB of music on the iPod. Or, less than half full. But in my quest to fill this thing, I've discovered (and rediscovered) some excellent tunage.

Say Anything...Say Anything is a Real Boy
Its rock, its alternative, its emo...its a little bit of everything. But the album's strength comes from the brilliant writing. Its crude, its funny but above all, its smart. I don't think these guys will have the benefit of flying under the radar for too much longer. You can't ignore a band this good and this original.

The Autumns...The Autumns
Combine the more sensitive and dramatic sides of bands like Sunny Day Real Estate, Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev and add a vocalist with Jeff Buckley-like power. Shake well...and you end up with The Autumns.

Elbow...Cast of Thousands
Ever wonder what the 1970's Genesis lineup would sound like if they got back together and went back to basics? Ok, probably not. But I do. Like, if they stripped out all the cheesy synthesizers and just went old-school with a piano and a mellotron. And they stopped with the slick production? Elbow is your answer. With a Peter Gabriel-like vocalist and instrumentation that, while progressive, doesn't wander all over the place (yet is still capable of producing surprises), Elbow is a unique band. It took me a while to warm up to this, their latest, but its a magnificent album.

Secret Machines...Now Here Is Nowhere
This three-piece stradles the line between alternative and straightforward rock. The opener, First Wave Intact, sounds like something out of the vintage Zeppelin playbook, yet they're clearly capable of achieving a quiet, delicate sound as well. Its different...and something that definitely will continue to be interesting even after the first few listens.

Posted by Chris at December 18, 2004 9:56 AM

I love The Autumns and also have Secret Machines. My faves on that one are You Are Chains, Sad and Lonely and Now Here is Nowhere. :) Happy Saturday!

Posted by: groovebunny at December 18, 2004 12:21 PM

sounds like you are having fun - and as always, giving us a musical education! Happy Saturday, Chris! :)

Posted by: samantha at December 18, 2004 12:34 PM

Yeah, Elbow is one of those bands that does take a while to "get". They don't RAWK, but they don't suck as well. Either way, it's good krunk.

Yes, I said krunk.

Posted by: sledge at December 18, 2004 1:57 PM

I love all those bands except Secret Machines, which I've not yet heard of but now will be looking into.
Oh, also, I sent some Nada Surf stuff out your way on Friday, so you'll have a few more songs to add to your collection :)

Posted by: RockStar Mommy at December 18, 2004 4:00 PM

Sounds like yer having a great time with your new toy!
I just love rediscover some old favorites!

Posted by: Jade at December 18, 2004 9:28 PM

i know the exact same feeling. ipods rock!!!

Posted by: minnow at December 19, 2004 4:23 PM

I'm just dying to get an Ipod. Maybe Santa will bring me one.

Posted by: Gweny at December 19, 2004 10:50 PM

ummm so when I get an Ipod I am so making you import your list and let me pillage it :)

and dear god that must have taken a while. What to do with all those songs...

Posted by: stinkerbell at December 20, 2004 4:35 AM