February 16, 2005

holy humpday

i forgot how stupid soap operas are. i came home early to take care of the wife because she's sick. so now i'm stuck watching general hospital. *gag*

i can't believe that dude from LA law is on now, corbin something. what the hell was he thinking? oh, he wanted to get paid ... i guess i can understand that.

can you believe alexis tipped off the fbi about sonny? i mean, christina could be dead now because of her. doesn't she even care? sheesh.

aaaaanyway, enough talk about soaps. let's talk about SOAP. i've been having a hell of a time at work getting win2k3 and iis6.0 to correctly return a SOAP response to a SOAP request. what is UP with that?

alright, i've successfully wasted a smidge of your time and a bit of chris' blog space ... enjoy the rest of your hump day.

huh huh ... i said "hump"

Posted by at February 16, 2005 3:32 PM