February 16, 2005

No Pressure!

Wow...I am on the most popular blog in the universe and I have stage fright! Wondering why I started this post at all! Wish you were not so busy Mr. Cactus so you could save me!

Life is a journey...some times really exciting! And some times you have to wonder who came up with words for the passing of time! For instance I became a Grandmother on Friday. Who in their right mind came up with that word?

Instantly it makes a person feel old! I am far from being old! *grin* But I have a Grand Son! Wow! So the world is a happier place! Make a great day out there people and enjoy your life!

Oops I forgot to say this was Gypsy! Duh!

Posted by at February 16, 2005 10:48 AM