February 16, 2005

Not to put a damper on the party

But I just got back from the vet. Like 5 minutes ago, ok maybe 10. but still.

I took our middle kitten in for the 4th time in a week - and we finally found out whats causing the fever, the glassy eyed stares of pain.

His whole abdominal area was infected with nasty icky green and yellow gunk. Most likely from a puncture wound from our youngest, ornriest kitten. They play fight, but Simba's not gotten a handle on the play part yet it seems. :(

He got emergency surgery and is out already. They're continuing to drain the area, and will be staying at the kitty hospital until tomorrow, possibly Friday.

All you animal lovers please send happy thoughts and good prayers to our baby boy.

Posted by at February 16, 2005 3:02 PM