February 16, 2005

Some Parenting Advice

So on Sunday we had the History Channel on. Good eduactional stuff. There was some show about the history of the prison system that my husband was watching. During the course of the show it mentioned a number of the crimes that went on in prison including Pimping. My son, 9 almost 10, says "What's pimping?"

"ummmm" as we glance back and forth at each other to see who's going to take a stab at it. Finally my husband takes a stab,"It's something very bad..." still waiting for me to jump on in. I decide to go for the avoidence tactic. "Is your room clean?" OK not the best way to handle it. So deep breath, i walk into his room and give him a very generalized definition of pimping. "It's when one person sells another person for sex (having already had to explain sex previously) And it VERY BAD!"


So now he has a definition. I kid you not, Pimp and Pimping came up on various shows, the rest of the afternoon, even the Simpsons. Finally gave up and turned the TV off.

Moral of the story: Avoidence is always the best policy when dealing with tricky parenting situations.


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