March 21, 2005

Haiku For Monday #72

Nothing screams Monday
like getting yourself stuck in
the elevator...

Posted by Chris at March 21, 2005 6:48 AM

i got stuck in an elevator once, for about 2 hours. i would have been fine had it not been for the woman who kept trying to smoke in there. when we were let out i went up to the office where i was temping and handed my timesheet to the office manager. after she informed me that she wasn't going to sign for the two hours spent in the elevator, i told her someone had to and that i wouldn't have been in there if i wasn't temping in that place. she signed it then. man, i used to have nerve. i don't know if i'd do that now.

hope you didn't get stuck with anyone terribly annoying.

Posted by: patricia at March 21, 2005 7:39 AM

What.. You have that really fun phone that you can talk on. I do believe that the person on the other end got tired of me endlessly calling him to ask if they were getting me out in this lifetime!

Posted by: Jeff A at March 21, 2005 8:13 AM

except when you need
that need that we all will have
when its time to pee


Posted by: Jon in Michigan at March 21, 2005 8:39 AM

Oh that sucks.

Posted by: JustAgirl at March 21, 2005 8:53 AM

did you really, eww! did you get out or are you still in there? lol!

Posted by: lizabetty at March 21, 2005 9:23 AM

Home again today,
this time to fix the dryer.
A vacation day!

(Hey, I found out that the company is kaput at the end of April, so I might as well use my vaca days...)

Posted by: Kitty at March 21, 2005 9:38 AM

Monday, you can eat
The peanuts out of my shit.
That is how I feel.

Posted by: Jason at March 21, 2005 1:51 PM


Posted by: Dubs at March 21, 2005 2:47 PM

That's definitely something to happen on a Monday.

Posted by: Pixie at March 21, 2005 4:18 PM

I have a weird unrelated question: What happened to the Judith Light Brigade? Was this already talked about on here or elsewhere?

Posted by: DeAnn at March 22, 2005 1:46 AM