December 7, 2005

Tongue Action

Note to self: Keep tongue in mouth at all times. Grabby baby. Posted by Chris at December 7, 2005 5:14 PM

Just wait until the baby sticks a finger up your nose, hooks a tiny fingernail and pulls with all their baby strength. It'll make the toughest of people bawl like a baby.

Posted by: Elaine at December 7, 2005 5:42 PM

One time my baby sister put her hand in my mouth, and when she grabbed my tongue she pinched it that it made me scream, so she started laughing, so I let her do it a few more times, until she didn't think it was funny anymore, which was good because that hurt!

Elaine, my baby sister did that to me one time not long ago, and it hurt like crazy, but she did pull out the biggest Booger I ever seen, and the longest, so she ate it, then I threw up!

Posted by: Rockchild at December 7, 2005 6:03 PM

I remember those days. How sweet.

Posted by: Jenn at December 7, 2005 6:14 PM

Elaine is right. When they put their finger up your nose, you finally realize what its like to be a human bowling ball. heehee

Posted by: Lisa B at December 7, 2005 6:51 PM

LOL - that's too cute - Sierra tried to use me as a bowling ball yesterday - tears come to my eyes just thinking about it!

Posted by: Marie at December 7, 2005 7:52 PM

LOL...cute! Now you can start teaching her to stick her tongue out so you can grab it!

Posted by: Jaycie at December 7, 2005 8:53 PM

At least she didn't puke in your mouth. Trust me, it's beyond anything you can imagine ::gag::

Posted by: Kate at December 7, 2005 9:32 PM

Every once in a while a kid at the daycare center would get annoyed with me and stick out his/her tongue. Even as they were being all defiant, there was the tiniest bit of fear in their eyes, just waiting to see what my reaction was going to be. I tried going down the "that's just rude" route but they found that funny and it just spurred them on to do it more. One day I put a look of surprise on my face and said very enthusiastically, "Hey, I got one of those too!" while sticking my own tounge out. Wouldn't you know it? That totally did the trick. Kids, you gotta love 'em. No, you do. It's the law. If you don't, child protective services comes a'knocking. :D

Posted by: patricia at December 7, 2005 9:33 PM

my cousin just told me, not 10 minutes ago, that her baby just PUKED in her mouth!

Posted by: jodi at December 7, 2005 10:02 PM


Posted by: bmh at December 7, 2005 10:46 PM

So cute when they're exploring and grabbing at everything. :)

Posted by: Heather at December 8, 2005 1:45 AM

How cute is that little girl?!? I love that round tummy, adorable.

Posted by: Catharina at December 8, 2005 4:00 AM

You guys have the most awesome pics.. :)

Posted by: Angelia at December 8, 2005 6:33 AM

Hehe, she looks so determined to investigate. Wait until she grabs a good handful of hair and yanks - ouch!

Posted by: DaFFy at December 8, 2005 6:54 AM

I wish she wasn't growing *quite* this fast! Savour every moment!

Posted by: Amber at December 8, 2005 9:05 AM

LOL. It wiggles--Grab it!

Posted by: Ginny at December 8, 2005 10:00 AM

I can't believe how fast she's growing!! Also, rats (domestic pet ones) do that also. Not that I'm comparing your daughter to a rat but.....

Posted by: Pixie at December 8, 2005 11:47 AM