May 28, 2006

Self-Portrait (With Mia and Dubya)

Self Portrait With Mia
For those of you playing at home, yes, that is a picture of Dubya on my shirt. Don't worry, I haven't converted to the Dark Side. It's one of my favorite shirts in the whole wide world. Underneath Dubya are the words "American Psycho". I enjoy the stares I get wearing it. Better are the smiles, nods, thumbs up and handshakes I've received.

...more at flickr, as always...

Posted by Chris at May 28, 2006 9:53 AM

She is SO cute! (and the shirt is VERY funny)

Posted by: Emily at May 28, 2006 10:02 AM

I do like the shirt but Mia is the star of this photo. Look at that pretty face, I just wanna kiss her. :) Sorry, I guess I am a Mia stalker, I can't help it, she is so damn cute.

Posted by: Jenn at May 28, 2006 10:06 AM

The sundress is adorable, as well. It would have been interesting to try and figure if anyone would have noticed the shirt with such a good distraction. :)

Posted by: alektra at May 28, 2006 10:08 AM

Terrific shirt. Very fitting. :D Also, that child is beautimous! Love the outfit and those little arms you could nibble all day long.

Posted by: Sparkle Pants at May 28, 2006 11:21 AM

Beautiful as always. Mia, that is, not the loathsome toad.

Posted by: ann adams at May 28, 2006 11:44 AM

what a gorgeous babe!
And Mia's not bad either ;)
j/k of course.
love the shirt!

Posted by: betty at May 28, 2006 11:58 AM

"Daddy, please tell me that bad man is going to go away soon..."

Posted by: Marilyn at May 28, 2006 12:41 PM

What a cute little pumpkin. You've got a nice glow on the picture which really brings out those adorable cheeks and chin, as if she needed it. Love the sundress, too.

Looks like the hickey has finally healed? Congrats. I'll miss the hickeywatch tickers, though. :)

Posted by: Kate the Shrew at May 28, 2006 12:49 PM

Does this mean the forehead hickey is officially gone?

Everytime I see a picture of Mia I can't believe how big she's getting. She's so beautiful even with the drool!

Posted by: Beth in StL at May 28, 2006 1:41 PM

Very nice. Mia is adorable, as always. And I'm not seeing any signs of the hickey. Has it finally taken leave?

Posted by: Alissa at May 28, 2006 2:07 PM

she is the most beautiful little girl in the whole wide world (and of course, you already know that).

And that is the best t-shirt EVER.

oh. and it's a good pic of you too.

Posted by: suze at May 28, 2006 2:28 PM

Oh, those lips, those eyes, that hair doodad, those arms (nibble? I want a big bite!) ... she's just splendid. (And her dad's quite presentable, too.)

Happy Sunday!

Posted by: shelley at May 28, 2006 2:57 PM

What a beautiful picture of you two :) I need a shirt like that.

Posted by: Mary at May 28, 2006 3:04 PM

Beautiful picture. I was a little scared when I saw the shirt. Thanks for the explanation. ;)

Posted by: Melissa at May 28, 2006 3:09 PM

Sweet photo and I have to laugh about the shirt.

Posted by: Lisa B at May 28, 2006 7:17 PM

Sweet photo and I have to laugh about the shirt.

Posted by: Lisa B at May 28, 2006 7:17 PM

Psycho like a fox!

Posted by: Phil at May 28, 2006 10:12 PM

funny, i get the same smiles, nods and thumbs-up when i wear my "Pro-War" shirt... =)

Posted by: monique at May 28, 2006 10:55 PM

You'd get a "thumbs up" from everyone in our house. Gorgeous pic.

Posted by: wordgirl at May 29, 2006 1:15 AM

I'm gonna watch you shine
Gonna watch you grow
Gonna paint a sign
So you'll always know
As long as one and one is two
There could never be a father
Who loved his daughter more than I love you
~Paul Simon~

Posted by: Johnny Smoke at May 29, 2006 1:16 AM

Aww I kinda want to gobble up your adorable and slightly drooly baby! And I love your shirt. A lot of people have the same one up here in Canadia.

Posted by: Heather at May 29, 2006 2:05 AM

Aw, what a BEAUTIFUL shot of you guys. You know, I think she looks like Beth in that picture. Off to check out the rest at Flickr.

Posted by: Kate at May 29, 2006 12:11 PM

Great shirt. And beautiful daughter. Do they sell that dress she's wearing in an adult size 8?

Posted by: ku nkiko at May 29, 2006 2:15 PM

Awww, that's a very cute picture. She's SO beautiful! She'll steal many hearts when she's a big girl.

The shirt is too funny!

Posted by: Sweety at May 29, 2006 2:36 PM

What a trident photograph. Tres relevant. Sweet, cute and disconcerting.

Cheers (from a first-time visitor).

Posted by: H.A. Page at May 29, 2006 7:43 PM

I gotta two in a photo...always good! She is getting to big!! She is really showing off her personality!

And so WHERE did you get the shirt? LOL

Posted by: Gypsy at May 30, 2006 12:51 AM

I can still see the 'hickey'! LOL And I ain't talking about that shirt.

Posted by: Red at May 30, 2006 8:40 AM

Do you knaw on her back-of-the-elbow fat? Because that's a really tasty part, I assure you.

Posted by: Brad at May 30, 2006 1:35 PM

You've officially topped my "Sweetness" level for the day!

And I had double fudge cookies to eat Chris. Double. Fudge. Cookies!


Posted by: Tink at May 30, 2006 1:57 PM

I want your shirt!!!! I hope your wife frames this photo, it's just beautiful.

Posted by: Pixie at May 31, 2006 4:13 PM