November 29, 2006

Mixed Metaphors, Failed Punchlines and a Cry For Help

I did the 12 hour day thing yesterday...and boy are my arms tired. Er. Wait. That's the wrong punchline. I think it's fair to say that I'm a little bit off today. See, like I said, I did the 12 hour work-day thing yesterday and Mia's teething again. While Beth takes the brunt of this both day and night (I love you!) so I can go to work and bring home the bacon (but, we don't eat bacon and abhor the fake stuff so insert your own metaphor here), I haven't had much rest. And now I have three-point-five million things to write, calculate, write and calculate, calculate then write, or generally noodle through today. Because that's what I do. I write (alot), calculate (thankfully, little) and noodle all day. Oh, and spend way too much time in meetings.

So, like I said, forgive me if I'm a bit off. I can say this - how cool is it that I work in a city in which, during the average rush hour, I can whip out my phone and take a shot like this? I've lived here for 16 years and I'm still in awe of this place.

I do have a general wonderment about the state of the blogosphere these days. Is it quiet around here lately? I think it's the holidays and people getting back up to speed after Thanksgiving but it seems a little dead here in the blog world. I know my traffic is down this week. Did I maybe do something to piss someone off? Do I smell?

To that end (comment whore that I am), leave a comment. Lurkers delurk. Commenters comment. Perhaps you have a question about something (anything). Ask. Need to tell me my ass looks good in this suit? Please do.

I'll be here...writing, calculating and noodling. Happy Hump Day.

Posted by Chris at November 29, 2006 6:54 AM

Hey noodle, are you and the girls putting up your Christmas tree any time soon, are you getting a real one? I am sure there are some really fascinating Christmas tree farm somewhere near you!

Posted by: Steff at November 29, 2006 7:01 AM

Yep, you smell. That's it.

And no, darling, your ass does not look big in that suit. ;-)

Greetings from the low lands where the holiday season is still far far away.


Posted by: mikkie at November 29, 2006 7:24 AM

I didn't even know it was hump day! I read it and was like, "Is it really?" Does that give you an idea of my week? Mmmhmmm.

While you calculate, write and noodle, I'll be staring blankly. It's a nasty habit that I've developed. I used to be able to make it look like I was super busy, even if I wasn't, and now, when I'm at a loss for a design, rather than research and surf the internet (we get paid to surf, but we call it "gathering ideas") I just sort of stare. I think it's because our office is so cold.

And have you noticed? My thoughts are getting more random! The hair email, now the strange comment.

I need a vacation. Your ass looks hot in a suit.

Posted by: Emily at November 29, 2006 7:27 AM

Hey, nice obelisk. Kind of an ooky fog out there this morning, huh?

What's your favorite kind of xmas cookie?

I'm a rum ball fan myself.

Posted by: Nicole at November 29, 2006 7:29 AM

As a fellow vegetarian, I'd love to know how you and Beth became veggies? Did you decide together? Was one of you one and the other joined? Are you raising Mia a vegetarian. I also hate the fake bacon, the fake sausage isn't bad.

These questions may be better ased on Beth's site, but you asked for questions.

Posted by: jodi at November 29, 2006 7:35 AM

I actually woke up in time to post to my blog and come over here and see what you've got to say before I go to work. Yay, me. Now let's see if I make it to work on time.

I get a view of Longhorn cattle on my way to and from work and they're kinda awesome, I must say.

My question is: Would you like a kitten? Maybe even two? I have them and I would be happy to give them to you, free of charge. No money down, no payments!

Ok, so the shipping to get them up to you might be a bit pricey, but they're really cute!

Ok, well, I tried.

Oh yeah, that suit makes your ass look hot.

Posted by: Contrary at November 29, 2006 7:43 AM

You don't eat bacon? ...Now that pisses me off.

Posted by: William at November 29, 2006 7:52 AM

Mmmm... Bacon...

Posted by: Leah at November 29, 2006 8:00 AM

Now I'm craving bacon.

Awesome shot. DC is one of my favorite cities...

Posted by: Lisa at November 29, 2006 8:03 AM

At first I was like, how about turkey bacon? But then I remember, no, that won't work, either.

Happy Wednesday! You can do it!

Posted by: samantha at November 29, 2006 8:03 AM

Hey, needy much?

Posted by: Mrs. Cactus at November 29, 2006 8:06 AM

I'm positive your ass looks good in that suit. I'm equally positive that you don't smell. And that photo rocks.

Posted by: Alissa at November 29, 2006 8:08 AM

Always in awe of my surrounding as well. So much so that when I make the trek from NOVA to MD I will go through the city to feel it's energy.

Posted by: Wicked H at November 29, 2006 8:11 AM

I think you are right about it being quiet due to holidays - that is my excuse for not keeping up with blogs lately. Nice photo, I love DC, you are lucky to live where you live.

Posted by: Danielle at November 29, 2006 8:21 AM

Just what exactly IS the price of tea in China?

And, um, not that I'm saying your ass doesn't look good in that suit, but, well, I liked the other pants better.

Posted by: ktjrdn at November 29, 2006 8:31 AM

Hi! Not dead. Stop. Finals trying to kill me. Stop. Back after the break. Stop.

Posted by: Fraulein N at November 29, 2006 8:32 AM

I hope that you get paid overtime! :p

Posted by: Hope at November 29, 2006 8:43 AM

Very nice ass, Chris.

Posted by: Bridget at November 29, 2006 8:51 AM

Wow, is it Wednesday already?! Holy heck what happened to Monday, and Tuesday? It's the baby, she's sucking my brain cells out, literally.

Happy Wednesday! The pic is awesome! I heart DC!!

Posted by: Heather at November 29, 2006 9:05 AM

mmm... bacon... aarrggggfffflllllaaaa... (damn it's hard to do that Homer Simpson gargle-drool thing in text)

Actually, my visit/page counts have been higher than normal so far this week, so maybe you do smell. ;) But I think that overall you're right; schedules and routines tend to change around the holiday season, and blogging or blog surfing is generally a luxury that is tossed aside when time becomes less available.

Oh, and once again we have eerily similar posts (today I've got a bunch of low light digital pics in front of the xmas tree). Sometimes you creep me out.

Posted by: Jeff at November 29, 2006 9:06 AM

Lurk? Me? .> Well, kinda. Happy hump day.

Posted by: Julie at November 29, 2006 9:12 AM

I've never been to DC, but it is on my long list of places that I need to see.

Posted by: Melissa at November 29, 2006 9:20 AM

Work's been insane. And, um. It keeps snowing? Does that count as a reason to be busy? Probably not.

Bacon (and cheeseburgers) were the two main reasons I was never a vegetarian for more than three or six or nine months at a time. I would slip up, usually tempted by one of these two foods. (Or a combination of them. A delicious, delicious combination.)

Posted by: kara marie at November 29, 2006 9:25 AM

This is me, de-lurking.

This is me, sneezing.

My mantra of "do not get sick" didn't work, and now I'm all stuffy and draggy.

Posted by: amber at November 29, 2006 9:27 AM

Nice pic! I snapped one of the Christmas tree in our building's lobby last night. Will upload. They also have the giant Nutcracker soldiers out there...and those guys are as big as me. Will see if I could get a picture for you.

Yeah. When are you guys putting up your tree? Mine's not much to look at but it's up. :)

Posted by: oakley at November 29, 2006 9:28 AM

Still here, stil reading....

Posted by: jennifer at November 29, 2006 9:32 AM

Unfortunately, I can't see your ass from here...more's the pity (Hi, Beth!) Things are a little quiet, but I've found that Tuesdays are almost as quiet as the weekends as far as comments go. I'm not sure why that's the case.

Posted by: wordgirl at November 29, 2006 9:35 AM

I'm unhappy and just want to be traded to another football team! Whaaaaa!

Washington is a beautiful city. If only I could afford it.

Posted by: Johnny Smoke at November 29, 2006 9:36 AM

Sorry, Beth wins all nice ass contests hands down mostly due to the fact that she still call it "smokin" which is funny enough that she wins on style points alone.

But that guitar is very slimming on you!

Posted by: That Girl at November 29, 2006 9:38 AM

Ok so help me out with some content...I'm pretty much out of brain capacity since I"m day three of not smoking...I'm literally ignoring the pile of work on my desk, trolling the internet for memes, anything.


Posted by: Sharon at November 29, 2006 9:42 AM

My uncle lives in the Arlington area of Va. so I have had many opportunities to get into D.C. but I still am in awe of it as well. (Despite the clowns that have been controlling it recently).

I am sure that the holiday shopping season and such will take its toll on the blogsphere as people try to slice time down to fit everything in. Depending on what stat counter you are using, if you check the time spent, I bet it will go up as you wind up with people that will visit less frequently, but spend more time when they are here "catching up" with what they read since the last time they visited.

Posted by: Latte Man at November 29, 2006 9:43 AM

hey. i've been reading, just not commenting as of late - i've had a perpetual headache for about two weeks now, coupled with a mystery rash. even the doc is baffled. and see, this is why i've not been commenting - because my comments always seem to turn into a whine about how crappy i'm feeling, and I figure it's better to just not say anything at all than take up someone else's precious time with my complaints.

But you asked.

Bet you're starting to regret that... ;)

Posted by: suze at November 29, 2006 9:52 AM

I'm here, always reading, seldom commenting. Hope Mia's teefers stop hurting.

Posted by: Sheryl at November 29, 2006 9:56 AM

I am still here, did you see that Laura told George to get rid of Condi? Apparently she is jealous. Makes me wonder what Donald and George were up to. Do you think they could have been on the down low? Oh well...happy noodling, and...where is the Christmas tree dude? Its almost December!!!!

Posted by: linda at November 29, 2006 9:57 AM

Well, you could always break out the "Noodle Dance" at work and see if that wakes people up. (Noodle Dance- PB&J reference- Nick Jr from a few years back)


Posted by: Chris at November 29, 2006 9:57 AM

So shameless to ask for ass compliments. ;)
I think everyone is just doing the catch-up think after having two days off last week. I know I am. Sigh....

Posted by: Traci at November 29, 2006 9:58 AM

wait a you wear suits to work???

Posted by: ali at November 29, 2006 9:59 AM

oh...since you asked for questions. Why when I follow your link from your email notice do you not have a link to Beth's site? I read you both at the same time and Beth doesnt do the email notice thingy so I have go to my favorites. Its such work. Okay, I am done. Happy hump day!!!

Posted by: linda at November 29, 2006 10:02 AM

I thought it was just me...but then your slow is my "never gonna happen". And, yes you do look hot in your take off your jacket already.

Posted by: Krush at November 29, 2006 10:04 AM

Chris, not to compare your traffic to my meager passers-by, but I broke 400 for only the second time yesterday! Apparently the solution is just plain and simple Liza Minelli pictures. That's all that's carrying me through..

Posted by: andy at November 29, 2006 10:24 AM

I, too, have a lot of noodling to do today, but had to say hello to a fellow noodler. Noodle away, my friend, noodle away.

Posted by: SpaceCase at November 29, 2006 10:25 AM

I'm here.

I've been worried about the blogosphere, too.

My stats suck. Hope you have time to leave me a comment in return.

Posted by: Allan at November 29, 2006 10:36 AM

I love that picture. It's quiet everywhere this week. I think we're still emerging from the Thanksgiving food-coma.

Posted by: Jessie at November 29, 2006 10:38 AM

Dude, did you miss NaBloPoMo?! The Innernet has been totally NOT quiet lately.

But come December 1 -- net silence. A collective sigh of 'FINALLY! THANK G-D!"

Posted by: Pammer at November 29, 2006 10:41 AM

Well, I wasn't going to comment because you typed one of my pet peeves (alot is not a word). But you're tired and I respect that, so I'll let it go (besides, me and the perfect don't even speak anymore).

And DAMN, your ass looks amazing in that suit! Seriously, have you been working out?

Posted by: Elaine at November 29, 2006 10:44 AM

Wow, is it really Wednesday already? I'm still lost in time after last week.

You bring home the tempeh, instead? What's your favorite dinner?

Posted by: Kate the Shrew at November 29, 2006 10:50 AM

Question: Have you guys always been of the non meat eating variety? If not, why did you make the jump and was it easy?

Comment: I love that city too! I have only been there once and I was in the sixth grade. We stayed for a week and saw everything there is to see. Monuments, museums, the White House, where people lived and died, etc. (Your picture reminded me of that trip and the fact that the Washington Monument was the only one that we did not get to actually go inside because it was too windy that day.) We also planted a cherry tree that has a time capsule underneath it with a group photo of us all and a piece of paper from each student stating something we wanted whomever might find it to know.

I don't remember what I wrote, but I bet if we dug that up it would be a pretty funny read. That was one of the best trips of my far.

Posted by: Kelly M. at November 29, 2006 11:00 AM

It HAS been quite around here lately. Perhaps everyone is still in a turkey coma. Mmmm... turkey coma.

Posted by: Dawn at November 29, 2006 11:13 AM

Still reading, it's just that I read in Bloglines so only show up in your stats if I comment.

Great photo!

Posted by: Katherine at November 29, 2006 11:14 AM

You're right about the quiet in the blogging world. Even I have been mum, which is an oddity in any world.

I tend to go through phases, and I think the holidays add to them, where I think, what the hell am I doing spending all of this time reading and writing blogs instead of (insert activity)? So then I wind up on the couch for a couple of days catching up on TiVo and generally "living" life to the fullest. Of course I always wind up back here.

It's circular.

Posted by: whit at November 29, 2006 11:15 AM

I'm here. Daily. And if you think YOUR traffic is down....oh wait, mine's not down it's just perpetually low. heh. Nice pic btw, I love DC. Such a cool city.

Posted by: carrster at November 29, 2006 11:26 AM

Hi. As the vegetarian question has already been asked, tell me why your ass looks so fabulous in a suit.

Posted by: ari at November 29, 2006 11:31 AM

Damn. My witty delurk html tags disappeared. My antiquated, geeky humor has been smoted.

Posted by: ari at November 29, 2006 11:32 AM

I was wondering why you were reading my blog yesterday. I actually got increased traffic because of it!

Posted by: Heather at November 29, 2006 11:36 AM

4 comments from your #1 fan:

Mmmmmmmmmm, bacon.

Comment Whore!!!

Your ass looks fabulous in that suit.

And, last but not least, I would be perpetually horny if I drove by that monument on a regular basis. I think. But then again, I am in my late 30s and everything seems to have that effect on me lately. (Late 30s rock!!!!)


Have a most wonderful day!!

Posted by: anita at November 29, 2006 11:55 AM

1. It's entirely likely that you smell, but that wouldn't affect your blog traffic.
2. My blog traffic is down too.
3. When I post something about my blog traffic being down, I'm lucky to get 6 comments, not 60, so count yourself blessed! (albeit smelly)

Posted by: Karen at November 29, 2006 12:09 PM

How about a request and not a question. I would love to hear the best laffy taffy type jokes that you tell your daughter that make her laugh. Or just your favorite jokes in general, that I can borrow and make my own.

Oh and Happy Wednesday!

Posted by: Karen at November 29, 2006 12:12 PM

I'm a lurker. Reading your blog is a regular part of my morning and Rude Cactus. :) Thanks for carving out time every morning to blog.

Posted by: Erin at November 29, 2006 12:32 PM

MAN i miss DC... i'm not even really patriotic or anything, i could do the monuments thing ALL DAY....

Posted by: b. at November 29, 2006 12:34 PM

I'm impressed that you guys are vegetarians - I only lasted 7 months before I gave in and ate some chicken. I'd like to ease back into it at some point, but I'm not so great with the will power so we'll see. I really missed chicken soup and fish (not together, of course).

Also, are you sure it's only Wednesday? It sure feels like it should be Friday already.

Posted by: erin at November 29, 2006 12:35 PM

Well, I didn't want to say anything earlier but um, my eyes are watering.


Posted by: Sparkle Pants at November 29, 2006 12:42 PM

Holy crap. I was gonna delurk and comment cause I felt bad, but wow, you really have some readers out there. I am so excited anytime I see that someone lives near me! I mean, relatively speaking. I live in a MD bedroom community for DC. So, we're practically neighbors!

Posted by: Bunny at November 29, 2006 12:49 PM

Don't have a question, but wanted to say hi. Hi! Followed the link from Blogging Baby and I have to agree that your design if very cool. Want to design a new template for me? (Well, you SAID to ask a question!)

Posted by: Kris at November 29, 2006 12:52 PM

Wow, tell us to leave some comments and we do it. Maybe you should have told us to do something more fun.

If you have to fish for compliments, chances are the suit doesn't look all that great. We may need photos to judge.

Posted by: anna at November 29, 2006 1:02 PM

definitely quiet around here.

and we didn't even have a holiday.

Posted by: s@bd at November 29, 2006 1:29 PM

Quit yer bitchin'--you've got 65 comments so far and I've had 65 visitors in three DAYS. :)

Posted by: Jenn Benn at November 29, 2006 1:35 PM

You whiner! This makes comment #67!

Posted by: :: jozjozjoz :: at November 29, 2006 2:06 PM

Delurking. Yes, it has been quiet. Year end madness has started.

Posted by: mdv at November 29, 2006 2:11 PM

I've been slow in posting this week, but not reading. And am delurking to say hello and happy Wednesday. Hope you have a shorter day at work tody.

Posted by: bb at November 29, 2006 2:26 PM

Yeah, agreed. Blogosphere is pretty quiet lately... I'm always lurking (BWAHAHAHA) and am happy to leave a comment. And your ass looks AMAZING in that suit. Seriously.

The almost-four years I've been online, my traffic totally nosedives during the holiday season and then peaks during February. February is always my highest hits month. Maybe because it's usually snowy or cold, and there's not much to celebrate (well, Valentine's Day, but for most people that requires two or three hours thought and preparation). It just seems like that's the People Surfing Aimlessy Online month.

I don't know. I'm rambling. This is a quantity over quality reply. :-)

Posted by: becca at November 29, 2006 2:33 PM

You sound depressed buddy !
Here is something to cheer you up... I am looking at a zillion blog advertising offers... the only thing I want to do is test it to see the results and see if I spend the rest of my marketing cash on blog advertising...

I see no advertising whatsoever on your site, you must be like the only virgin blog out there!

I would love to be your first :)

Let me know,

Posted by: DavidR at November 29, 2006 2:41 PM

Let's say you're bringin' home the tofu.

I vote we need a picture of your ass looking hot in that suit.

Posted by: Annie at November 29, 2006 2:46 PM

My constant blogging has been off.. since.. er.. well.. May.. I think Spring turned into summer, turned into fall, turned into Thanksgiving.. oh and now come Christmas.. Maybe I can try weekly blogs..

Anyway.. 12 hour work-days are no fun but to top that off with another bout of teething.. makes it even tougher to function.

Me, I'm still in vacation mode. I took 11 days off and returned to work on Monday.. only to take another vacation starting tomorrow. Needless to say, my projects are no further today then they were 2 weeks ago.. ugh.

Posted by: molly at November 29, 2006 2:54 PM

I'm curious about the vegetarian thing, too, just because I've thought about trying it.

Posted by: kim at November 29, 2006 3:05 PM

I'm delurking... just because you asked nicely!

Posted by: Beth at November 29, 2006 4:39 PM

Blog...Traffic? What is this thing of which you speak? I think I have none of that. Stop bitching. Maybe you're feeling cranky and lonely because you need some iron. Eat meat.

(I'm not really being hostile; just a nerd who can't tell the difference between funny and offensive. I was also a vegetarian for about 7 years before I realized that I just didn't care that much. The generation of apathy, I tell ya.)

Posted by: heels at November 29, 2006 4:46 PM

I don't have a question. But, hi. I know I haven't been commenting anywhere because work has been insane this week. We only had two days off. And we were all off. Why is that making this week so complicated?

Now I must go finish my 2007 budget write up. Ugh.

Posted by: bad penguin at November 29, 2006 4:50 PM

I've actually delurked here before, but I still feel like a lurker because I think I've only commented when explicitly ordered to do so, like now.

Posted by: Melanie at November 29, 2006 4:55 PM

Okay, here's a question: how on earth do you get any rest between long work days, blogging, being a dad and husband, listening to your large cd collection and reading 15 books at a time?
Also - Do you like Dispatches From The Edge?

Posted by: Amaya at November 29, 2006 5:02 PM

Delurking, and I know I haven't commented in a while. Come to think of it, I haven't really commented anywhere for a while. I chalk it up to a combination of things, but maybe I can convince myself to at least say hi once in a while.

So, when and (if it's not too personal) why did you become vegetarian??

Posted by: Jen at November 29, 2006 5:06 PM

De-lurking - we used Brauer's Teething Drops - totally natural herbal remedy containing something good enough for dd to request more, more, more!!!

Great picture!

Posted by: jeanie at November 29, 2006 5:12 PM

Oh man, Smell-o-blogging. Can you imagine? I'd have to start showering more.

Posted by: Tink at November 29, 2006 5:17 PM


Just started reading your blog a couple weeks back. You and sothefish have become hot topic for discussion with my family (not really that hot but it is discussed nonetheless). Ahkward how a stranger's life can be so damn entertaining to read about. I am the brother-in-law of Josh from schulzone (he's on your blogroll). Have fun and keep up the good work.

Posted by: Steve at November 29, 2006 5:18 PM

You know how nice people give each other virtual >>>>?
Well, I give you virtual >>>>.
And here's some for Beth, too: >>>>

Posted by: Vaguely Urban at November 29, 2006 5:20 PM

Doesn't look like you've lost any traffic. :p~

Posted by: erica at November 29, 2006 5:26 PM

My internet was down - again.

I think the comments always slow down during the Holidays. Or perhaps we just need to beg.

Looks like it worked.

Posted by: ann adams at November 29, 2006 5:34 PM

Okay, I have a question. Why is Wednesday 'hump day'? What is that all about?

Posted by: starrynite at November 29, 2006 5:42 PM


Your ass is perfection.

Better? ;)

Posted by: Anna at November 29, 2006 6:14 PM

Delurking again...
Question first, If you had to stop blogging would it have any effect on your daily life and if so how? BTW.. please dont stop.
Ok, your ass is hot, but I would kill to have legs that looked as good as your wifes!
Love reading both your blogs.

Posted by: Amber at November 29, 2006 7:17 PM

I've just had an off week. Still visiting, just not commenting. Also, as you get more and more comments, I tend to get shy. I know, hard to believe. ;-)

Posted by: Heather at November 29, 2006 7:21 PM

Yep. Just getting caught up after the vacation. Six hours, one way in a car with a 4 year old. I can actually say it was great. Truthfully.

Maybe you already wrote about this, but what were your favorite things to do on a car trip when you were a kid? I remember making signs to hold up in the back window of our family Buick for other cars to read on our way to Maine.

Posted by: Sharri at November 29, 2006 7:40 PM

You may think it has been slow, but as a new blogger, I get really excited if I even get ONE whole comment. Does that make me sound really sad?

Posted by: angela at November 29, 2006 7:51 PM

Your ass is totally wearing that suit.

Posted by: JJ at November 29, 2006 8:26 PM

It IS quiet. I'm just busy with work like you are. Odd, since most years, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years is dead.

Give me a quality topic and I'll pump something good out... I promise. What do YOU want to see people write about? Don't complain and then do nothing to fix the problem, Smelly! ;)

Posted by: Brad at November 29, 2006 8:39 PM

Dude you are such a comment whore, but I still love ya. 94 flipping comments. I could come up with a cure for freaking sunburns and tel the world and I wouldn't get 94 comments. Grumble, grumble.

I think it's hard to get back into the swing of it after a vacation. And it will get back to normal and then we'll go into christmas mode. I am personally way behind on my reading and commenting .....and laundry and TIVO and teaching my kids to clean the house....or not. ;)

Posted by: Melissa at November 29, 2006 8:44 PM

Present. Barely. I'm not even back home yet from vacation.

Posted by: Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah at November 29, 2006 8:50 PM

16 years in DC? I am going on 16 years in DC as well. Love this place too; land of gov't and non-profits.

Great pic though I'm trying to place which direction you were.

Posted by: Hygiene Dad at November 29, 2006 10:07 PM

you smell? Nah. But the smell-o-blog is an interesting concept. It must be like Willy Wonka's wall paper...lick it...the schnozberries taste like strawberries. Hmm.

Playing catch up after a holiday takes twice as long as the holiday itself. I said to my staff today, "The turkey is a carcass. The pumpkin pie is nothing but crumbs. Gang, the holiday is over--get back to work!" I'm assuming that if it's true that traffic is down, it's because of the catch up curve.

Question (s): What you think about a fake Christmas tree? Do you ever foreses yourself getting one?
(We always hated them. The kids are grown. My husband cannot stand forking around with the lights on the tree. Soooo, we bought our first fake tree that is pre-lit.)

Posted by: kristen at November 29, 2006 10:11 PM

I so don't feel sorry for you for not getting your usual quota of comments. I consider myself lucky if I get 4 comments on any given blog entry. I guess a good question would be "How do you get so many comments?" Do you comment on tons of other blogs, so they can trace back to your blog? Or are people just naturally drawn to your writing? I readily admit thatI'm not quite as clever in my writing but I also don't spend tons of time surfing the internet...

Posted by: Sijbrich at November 29, 2006 10:23 PM

I didn't read all your comments, but it's definitely the holiday thing making the internetweb slow. This very minute I've got about 15 tabs open with blogs that I need to catch up on reading!

Posted by: Melissa at November 29, 2006 11:08 PM

As per your request........delurking...BOO!

Posted by: Starfruit at November 29, 2006 11:56 PM

That IS a great shot. I'm pretty darn yired and my brain isn't working to churn any good posts either :(

Posted by: Dee at November 30, 2006 12:30 AM

Wow! Look at all these comments! Yay for you! This should make you feel good. You deserve it. :) But, you wanted to know: yeah, you totally smell....But, I've stuck around, right!? ;) What DO you do, anyway? You could talk about that one day? I have an idea...but it's still vague to me.

Posted by: Haley-O at November 30, 2006 12:30 AM

To clarify.... By what DO you do, I meant -- tell us about your work. What exactly do you do??

Posted by: Haley-O at November 30, 2006 12:31 AM

Look at me! comments 103, 104, and 105! Forgot to say: great photo!

Posted by: Haley-O at November 30, 2006 12:32 AM

I feel like tesco from rsm....there is no way I'm reading all of those comments today!
I have been very busy with holidays, inlaws and the, I for one have been slacking on my reading/writing.

And, love the picture--it turned out cool for being a phone camera :)

Posted by: Nanette at November 30, 2006 2:31 AM

With 106 comments I'd say the blogosphere is alive and well.

My drive to work provides me with vistas of mountains all around. It's nice living in a valley. I'm like a valley girl. Tee hee.

I work 12 hour shifts and they make me very loopy. Like now. I've got 4 1/2 hours to go so the loopiness will be multiplied by the time I get home. Add sleep deprivation to the mix...good times!

Your Beth is a saint. I remember those days, and they're not easy.

I'm interested in what your mom does. She sounds like a neat lady with a very noble job.

Posted by: nila at November 30, 2006 3:34 AM

I've seen better asses, but I guess yours is okay.

Posted by: shelley at November 30, 2006 10:16 AM

Hey - late comment, but nice picture! Nice suit too ;)

Posted by: Sue at November 30, 2006 11:08 AM

OK i'm commenting! You got me! I have been crazy busy with work as well, which means I have a lot of blogs to catch up on.

hmmm.. thinking of a question... What's your favorite 80s CD? OK lemme narrow it down. What's your favorite New Order/Depeche Mode/The Cure cds?

I was thinking about the 80s this morning on my way in to work. I was pondering how some KMFDM songs sound a weeeeee bit like Love and Rockets. And how I need to replace some of my missing 80s cds. Like Depeche Mode. New Order. and the Cure. and *shhhh* Madonna.

Posted by: raine at November 30, 2006 11:19 AM

Since you're a long-term vegetarian, I was wondering: do you use any non-meat products in your cooking (other than fake bacon, of course!), soy-based products, or tofu? Just curious! :)

Posted by: Zandria at November 30, 2006 1:48 PM

haha 111 comments and you need me to leave one?

Posted by: Debra at November 30, 2006 3:56 PM

My head hurts. 10 more minutes of work to go. It's obviously been a long day if I'm finally responding to this post at 5:50PM. Thank god it's Friday tomorrow!!

Posted by: Michelle at November 30, 2006 5:49 PM

Don't worry, everyone seems a little 'slower' lately. Besides, when you have the talent to work 'honky mo-fo' into a blog entry about kids' songs you know it can't be you...

Though, perhaps I should take a sniff and check out your ass just to makes sure.

Posted by: fauve at December 1, 2006 8:44 AM

I'm with Mrs. Cactus...needy much?

Posted by: Kelly at December 1, 2006 9:27 AM