August 15, 2008

The Weeklies #49

The Weekly Best Moment. All four of us, cuddling in bed. About five minutes ago. Twas awesome.

The Weekly Overreaction. Russia invaded Georgia. In fact they sent in over 15,000 troops to what they term a "breakaway republic" despite Georgia's claims of sovereignty. Nearly 2,000 Georgians were killed and numerous cease-fires were broken. Did we somehow land in 1950 when I wasn't paying attention?

The Weekly Green Idea. Want to save the universe? Okay...want to save a little energy? Check out LocalCooling, a nifty little application that'll help you (and your PC) save power.

The Weekly Read. At some point last year, I ran across Jason Pinter's debut novel, The Mark. It was great. So, when I saw The Guilty on shelves recently, I picked it up. Pinter's second novel proves that the strength of his debut wasn't a fluke. In fact, this is even more compelling as the investigation of a serial killer terrorizing NYC takes an interesting turn, forcing an investigation into a legend of the old American west. It's not fine literature but it's entertaining and well worth a read.

The Weekly Music. Okay, I'll admit it. I watched this GM commercial during the Olympics, got hooked on the song, figured out who it was by and downloaded the entire album. Brandi Carlile's The Story is freaking brilliant. Produced by T-Bone Burnett who can do absolutely no wrong lately, The Story is a folky, roots rocker that is comfortable while being truly innovative. Carlile's voice is unique and incredibly strong. I say give this one a spin.

The Weekly Gratuitous Product Placement. The fine folks at Schick sent me one of their new Quatro Titanium Trimmer razors. Now, I'm not a hairy dude and I don't have a beard or a goatee or anything, but I've gotta admit, the thing is pretty cool. After I got out of the shower, I was able to shave, even up my sideburns and trim them a little bit all with the same little razor. Pretty cool. Need a razor, pick one up. Need a really late Father's Day gift, pick one of these up and a case of the finest beer on the planet. And check out their Trim Flixx competition while you're at it.

The Weekly Schadenfreude. Last week, the Edwards story broke right after I posted. Now, of course, everyone is pretty familiar with John and his extracurricular activities back in 2006. But despite my tardiness, he's still, by default, the schadenfreude of the week. But my question is this - if he was going to go out of his way and put so much on the line by cheating on his wife, couldn't he have picked someone, well, hotter? In other political news, John McCain's been using one of Jackson Browne's songs on his ads. If you know anything about Browne, you'd realize the inherent flaw with this is that he's a flaming liberal. Supposedly, Browne was pretty pissed. He filed a lawsuit. Funny, since McCain also did this with John Mellencamp's "Pink Houses." Doesn't he like any songs by republicans?

The Weekly Hypothetical. You are granted the choice of two options - eternal life or the knowledge of the exact date and time you will die. You must accept one. Which do you choose?

Posted by Chris at August 15, 2008 7:35 AM

I'm going to go with date and time of death, as this could be potentially useful and would surely justify pleasures such as carb-loading and spontaneous trips to Barcelona. Eternal life sounds exhausting, not to mention expensive.

On another note, I think you and I are fraternal book twins because I read and love everything you read and love and we pretty much scorn the same things too. Have you read Moshin Hamid's newest, "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" or Adam Gopnik's "Through the Children's Gate?" I think you'd like both, especially the latter.

Posted by: Lena at August 15, 2008 8:21 AM

I'm going to go with date and time of death, as this could be potentially useful and would surely justify pleasures such as carb-loading and spontaneous trips to Barcelona. Eternal life sounds exhausting, not to mention expensive.

On another note, I think you and I are fraternal book twins because I read and love everything you read and love and we pretty much scorn the same things too. Have you read Moshin Hamid's newest, "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" or Adam Gopnik's "Through the Children's Gate?" I think you'd like both, especially the latter.

Posted by: Lena at August 15, 2008 8:21 AM

Oooh! I love Brandi Carlile! If you loved The Story, make sure to download her self titled album! It's equally awesome!

Posted by: margo at August 15, 2008 8:24 AM

You know, I guess date & time of death. I mean, what good is eternal life if my family and friends aren't here?

And the John Edwards thing - sigh. I wish he hadn't done it, but I refuse to be one of those people who gets all up in arms because his infidelity to his wife is some violation of some moral code, and it destroys my opinion of him. There are plenty of people who mess up in their personal lives and can still manage to do their job. (But yeah - she's not so pretty. He could've done way better).

Posted by: sarah at August 15, 2008 8:40 AM

I would chose the date and time of death. I know you do not feel exactly the same as I do, but I believe I will be reunited with those I love in a place we call Heaven, and so the knowledge of my date and time of death wouldn't scare me at all.
BTW: John Edwards has got to really be a moron. I mean cheating on your terminally ill wife during an election campaign where your every action is being scrutinized? He is totally nuts!

Posted by: Maribeth at August 15, 2008 8:51 AM

Get the F out of my head! I made my husband re-wind the GM commercial because I loved the song so much. I was going to hunt it down on the internet so thank you for saving me the trouble! I love some of Brandi Carlille's previous songs so I'm not surprised I love this one too.
Damn John Edwards for cheating on his wife. Not because she has cancer but because it's such a shitty thing to do to someone you love. My huband said "the f'ng you get will never be worth the f'ng you'll get."
I would want the date and time. Not that I would try to go out and save the world in the meantime but I think it would give me peace to know. I don't think I could take eternal life when everyone I love doesn't have it.

Posted by: NancyJak at August 15, 2008 8:57 AM

If I had to pick one, I'd go with knowing the date and time.

What I especially love about all these guys in politics who cheat on their wives? The mistresses are usually not so much with the pretty. I think I'd be extra insulted if my husband cheated on me with somebody ugly.

Posted by: Fraulein N at August 15, 2008 8:58 AM

I thought you watched Gray's Anatomy? If you did, you would've heard that song sometime last spring. It is a really good song, I agree.

As with everyone else, I'd go with date and time of death. I wouldn't want to still be around while everyone else I loved was gone. You could argue that you will find new people to love, which is certainly true, but eventually you would outlive them as well. So to me, eternal life just seems that it would always be full of loss. And who wants to live that way. I'd rather know when I was gonna go and live life to the fullest before my time.

Posted by: Traci at August 15, 2008 9:07 AM

Gotta go with the date and time on this one. While it would be one hell of a ride on the eternal-life-mobile, not so much fun outliving every one you care for.

As for John Edwards? See, I am one of those people that does not bend on the cheating issue. It is simple, you have the choice to make, to bonk, or not to bonk. This BS of "Well, it just happened." or "I was not getting what I needed at home."

Pffft. Whatever. There is simply just no good reason to do that to someone. That miserable at home? Then get out. SRSLY.

I love it when people say "Well, it isn't that easy. We have kids...a house..." Well, IT IS THAT EASY! How is the fallout from infidelity any easier??

Meh. Getting off my soapbox now. Sorry 'bout that.

Posted by: Jen at August 15, 2008 9:13 AM

I'm a coward, I pick eternal life.

Posted by: Hannah at August 15, 2008 9:13 AM

Following my own kind of logic:

I pick date & time of death.
(it's in 5 minutes)
Sh*t, I should've picked Eternal Life.

I pick date & time of death.
(it's in one hour)
Sh*t, I should've picked Eternal Life.

I pick date & time of death.
(it's in one day)
Sh*t, I should've picked Eternal Life.

I pick date & time of death.
(it's in one month)
Sh*t, I should've picked Eternal Life.

I pick date & time of death.
(it's in ___________)
Sh*t, I should've picked Eternal Life.

So I'd pick Eternal Life because I can't think of an amount of time that I would consider enough.

Posted by: Mike at August 15, 2008 9:45 AM

Okay, so we never get to see how you answer these questions. And I have to say, I'm kind of curious. This answer to this question, for example, kind of depends on my mood. I imagine that death becomes welcome at some point after a well-lived life. But the idea of being able to do it over and over could also be nice - or exhausting. So, fueled by a good night sleep and coffee, I choose to live forever. But now I feel tired thinking about it. Fuck. Can I change again?

Posted by: sunshine at August 15, 2008 9:47 AM

That's the funny thing about Brandi Carlile (and I find this to be true with a lot of artists): I love all the songs on The Story except for the title song. I don't know if its because the singles get overplayed on the radio or what, but frequently the song that the producers pick for the first single off an album is the one that I tend to like the least.

As for the question, I have to go with the time and date option as well. That's one thing that Hollywood gets right in the movies and television: eternal life may sound cool, but it always ends up being curse instead.

That being said, I've always said that I have no proof that I'm not immortal. I mean, so far so good, right?

Posted by: J at August 15, 2008 9:47 AM

So I'm going to go all religious on you and say some of us do want eternal life, and the option is how are you going to spend it?

But if you mean on this plane of existence, I'm going with time of death, because the universe collapsing on itself sounds pretty painful.

Posted by: alektra at August 15, 2008 9:56 AM

Weekly Music: I'll take a look at the Carlile album. I've been listening to Bon Jovi and various 80s Hair Metal. I don't know where this came from.

Weekly Gratuitous Product Placement: I love the ladies Quatro I've been using.

Weekly Schadenfreude: Edwards has to be ten kinds of stupid. My addition this week would be stewardes Sharon Brown for claiming that pastor Joel Osteen's wife caused her mental and physical harm -- even giving her hemorrhoids-- by going off on her on a flight. Someone should have told her to keep it simple. Also, Victoria Osteen for misbehaving in the first place.

Weekly Hypothetical: Today I would answer with eternal life. I could have an endless number of "do overs" and that appeals to me at the moment. Ask me again tomorrow and I might give you a different answer.

I hope the four of you have a great weekend.

Posted by: Maria at August 15, 2008 10:03 AM

I was wondering about that song, too. Also, DAMN YOUR QUESTIONS!

The time and date of death. Eternal life on this planet in this world would suck beyond measure.

Posted by: You can call me, 'Sir' at August 15, 2008 10:28 AM

the quattro folks are getting around. a friend got one to review too. interesting. i'm curious now as to how they got around to finding the folks they'd give free razors to.

Posted by: pea at August 15, 2008 11:23 AM

Did you already ask that question? It sounds familiar. Regardless, I just wanted to say that I too saw that commercial and got interested in the song. It's good!

Posted by: Claire at August 15, 2008 11:29 AM

i'd hate to pick eternal life and then find out AFTERWARD that i was going to live forever but just keep getting older and older until i was a miserable little wrinkly bed-ridden troll. or worse. so i'd pick date and time and just have to deal with it. i know i could make that time great.

you know who should become a miserable little wrinkly bed-ridden troll is john edwards... what an a**hole!

Posted by: kati at August 15, 2008 11:54 AM

Maybe there's just no good music by Republicans?

I'd go with the date and time of death. Eternal life could get very boring, what with the never ending, not to mention lonely and depressing with the having to watch everyone you care about die before you. Multiple times. Ick.

Posted by: Dawn at August 15, 2008 11:56 AM

I've been listening to Brandi Carlile for a few years now and love her. Her voice is absolutely amazing. Check out her first CD too; I like that one even better and I love The Story!

Posted by: Sarah at August 15, 2008 1:01 PM

If you ever get achance, you HAVE to see Brandi live. She is AMAZING, even better than her CDs. My mom got tickets for us, and I had listened to her CD here and there but wasn't blown away. I was totally blown away by her live and now love the CD. :)

Posted by: Ms. Boombastic at August 15, 2008 1:15 PM

Date and time of death...but only if they can guarantee it.... ;-)

As for Edwards, he's a creep, but have you ever seen a political candidate with a gorgoeus mistress? (Not including JFK and Marilyn Monroe...specifically thinking Bill Clinton.)

Posted by: Krush at August 15, 2008 1:41 PM

eternal life. no question.

Posted by: ali at August 15, 2008 1:57 PM

I would opt for none of the above...I don't want to know when I'm going to die....and I don't want to live forever without the people that I love.

Posted by: Cass at August 15, 2008 6:58 PM

I might chose eternal life...but only if I could have some investment savvy because living forever, broke, would kinda suck ;)

Posted by: Heather at August 15, 2008 8:21 PM

carlile's 'turpentine' has been my anthem this summer. well, only when patty griffin needs some respite. glad you joined the circle.

i cannot bring myself to comment on what i knew was going to be the schadenfreude this week. it's a lot like the orson scott card debacle. damn it, edwards...

your hypotheticals are huge, giant mindfucks. i've never been able to settle on any of them. this week is no different.

Posted by: jessica at August 15, 2008 9:26 PM

My friend, Brandi Carlile's The Story is what my soul would sing if it could carry a tune. It completes me *making the Jerry Maguire hand gestures*

Posted by: GreenCanary at August 16, 2008 12:23 AM

I don't want to live forever, but I don't want to know exactly when I'll die either.'ve got to come over and tell me what you're favorite Animal House move quote is.

Posted by: apathy lounge at August 16, 2008 1:31 AM

I did the same thing re: hearing the song on the car commercial and buying the Brandi Carlile album. I love it. Perfect for chilled out Saturday mornings (like this one)!

Posted by: Pocklock at August 16, 2008 10:33 AM

Eternal life, so I can be like The Highlander and become "The One."

Posted by: Jeremy (Discovering Dad) at August 17, 2008 2:07 AM

Regarding John Edwards, those of us here in NC know him as a former ambulance chaser. And he always struck me as narcissistic. So I wasn't really surprised. In fact, I believe that baby is his, and that there have probably been illegal payouts that will be uncovered.

And I'd pick the date/time option so that I could prepare myself and those who love me.

Posted by: coolchick at August 17, 2008 4:26 AM

The exact date and time I will die. Eternal life sounds exhausting! What would you choose?

Posted by: Nadine at August 17, 2008 9:28 AM

I always thought I'd do well with eternal life, so I'm going that route. Additionally, I see the draw in knowing when you're gonna die, but it DOES take some of the fun out of life, I'd expect.

What about you?

P.S. There aren't any good songs by Republicans.

Posted by: Brad at August 18, 2008 11:44 AM

If you like Brandi Carlile on her album, you can't miss her in concert. I saw her about a year ago and she was AMAZING live. I love her music. :)

Posted by: Laura at August 18, 2008 12:05 PM

I guess Browne hasn't heard that McCain's the maverick of the GOP...

Posted by: Christina at August 18, 2008 3:34 PM

Eternal need to read the book "Forever"...awesome read, IMHO.

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