July 6, 2009

The Numbers: The Beach Edition

Hey, look, a keyboard. It's been a while but I think I still remember what these buttons with letters on them do. Yep, look at that - a sentence. I'm a little rusty since we just recently got back from spending a week at the beach during which I posted very little. Sorry about that but the sand and snowcones were calling. Anyway, I've got a couple more days off and I'm trying to ease back into reality - one in which you can't wear flip-flops everywhere, you have to drive a car to get places, and shirts aren't optional - as slowly and painlessly as possible so as not to sprain myself when the alarm goes off at 5:00 on Wednesday morning and reality bitchslaps me across the face. It's in that spirit of half-assing it that I give you a brief summary of the trip in the most effortless way possible.

Days at the beach: 7
People staying at the beach house: 13
Bathrooms at the beach house: 3
Awkward bathroom moments: 7
Hours spent on the beach: 30
Orifices filled with sand: All of 'em
Tubs of french fries consumed: 3
Gallons of lemonade totaled: 4
Snowcones eaten: 7
Pieces of pizza consumed: 7
Beers drunk: 16
Date nights: 2
Kids puked: 1
Children discovered to be susceptible to motion sickness: 1
Pictures taken: 300
Pictures edited: 0
Books read: 2
Newspapers read: 0
Newscasts watched: 0
Hours of work performed: 0
Trips to Funland*: 5
Rides ridden at Funland: All
Stuffed animals won at Funland: 42
Exhausted children: 2
Worn out parents: 2
Days until next beach trip: 357
Blessings counted: 84,396

So, what did I miss while I was gone? What are your numbers for the week?

* Funland is Rehoboth Beach's equivalent of Disney World populated by retro carnival rides and games.

Posted by Chris at July 6, 2009 7:39 AM

baby's (or in my case, babies) first trip to the zoo: 1
number of cameras to document the event: 2
number of pictures taken before the batteries died: 10
number of batteries brought to the zoo: 10
number of batteries LEFT IN THE CAR: 10

Posted by: SUPAHMAMA! at July 6, 2009 8:22 AM

That's not what I thought "Funland" meant.


Glad you have fun, can't wait for my vacation!

Posted by: LeSombre at July 6, 2009 8:57 AM

i'm glad your trip was fun!!

Posted by: la petite belle at July 6, 2009 8:58 AM

Sounds like a successful vacation.
That's a lot of people for 3 bathrooms.

We were home, but enjoying the beautiful weather. Lots of meals eaten out on the deck, and a couple of summer concerts.

Posted by: cassie-b at July 6, 2009 9:27 AM

For the weekend:

Swims in the pool - 5
Playdate guests over to swim in the pool - 2
Swims in the pool fully clothed (on purpose)- 1
Baskets of strawberries picked - 1
Strawberries eaten before making it into basket - 417
Ice cream cones eaten - 3
Lawns mowed - 0
Gutters cleaned - 0
Tomatoes transplanted - 0
Songs I never expected to hear over the sound system at the grocery store, and yet were played - 2 (Oingo Boingo's "Dead Man's Party" and B52's "Rock Lobster")
Happy family members - 3

Posted by: alison at July 6, 2009 9:47 AM

Now you have me salivating for a snow cone. Glad you had a wonderful vacation!

Posted by: Heather at July 6, 2009 10:14 AM

Wow, we were just in Rehobeth for the weekend. Glad it was fun and hope you get to ease back into reality :)

Posted by: Jane in Pa at July 6, 2009 10:15 AM

oh. no.
was the car sickness on the way there or the way back?

also? i SO wouldn't have been able to cope with that bathroom situation. that would have been a dealbreaker right there.


Posted by: ali at July 6, 2009 11:12 AM

Didn't miss much, just about 4 inches of rain fell up here in New Hampshire during that time, and yes, it did pour during my 4th of July party! Man and beast got soaked, but the ribs were totally fabulous! So all was not lost!
Welcome back home.

Posted by: Maribeth at July 6, 2009 11:56 AM

Number of states driven through: 5
Number of family members seen: 20
Money Spent at Blue Crab Bay: $39
Number of child meltdowns: 1
(if I had that cut on my foot I'd meltdown too!)
Number of legs sunburned: 4
Bottles of Lipton Extra Sweet Tea Purchased: 33
Number of Blue Crabs we caught at Schooner Bay: 3
Number of Books Read: 1
Number of Emails Deleted upon return home: 600+
Number of hours slept upon return to feel rested: Still unknown at this time - 12 and counting....

Posted by: Rose Winters at July 6, 2009 12:11 PM

Oh, I used to get car sick. Ok, I am still capable of getting car sick now, but it is more rare. I feel for whichever child that was.

Your trip sounds awesome. Glad it was such a good vacation.

As for me, well, we bought a house. People keep asking what I did this weekend, and it is really fun to tell them that!

Posted by: bad penguin at July 6, 2009 12:35 PM

# of barbeque parties attended: 2
# of birthday parties: 1
# of witnessed fireworks: 2
# of friends caught up with after a long break: 1
# of mornings I slept in after gazillion years: 3
# of extended family members I caught up with : 0
(was in to-do list for this long weekend, but weekend got too packed)
# of hours spent on work: 0 (YAY!!)

Posted by: NM at July 6, 2009 12:44 PM

Days spent at Rehoboth beach last year: 7
Memories created during that trip: Too many to count
Days left until my family vacation at Rehoboth this year: 18

Glad you had a good time in Delaware. Rehoboth rocks. This is the third year we've taken our crew and everyone is so excited. We've invited more family members to join us and it should make for some chaotic, awesome fun. Can't wait!!

Posted by: ktrz at July 6, 2009 12:57 PM

I had a friend who refused to call people on vacation. In your early 20's, it was difficult to think of cutting yourself off from your social circle for any length of time. But she insisted that a vacation was not complete unless you took a break from your normal life in every way possible. I would guess that if she were a blogger, she would feel that it was necessary to not blog on vacation as well. She might be right. I don't know. We aren't friends any more...she's a cold hearted selfish little brat. Hahahaha!


work outs at gym: 3
books read: 7
hours of WoW played: .00002
rooms of furniture rearranged: 1
tiny cherry pies eaten: 3... 4... I think.
hours of watching my husband play Fight Night 4: 7,932.

Posted by: jodi at July 6, 2009 3:12 PM

I have a travel sickie...it stinks! But, we are discovering that an old trick of putting a cotton ball in the ear oposite which hand you use works. FYI, of course.
My numbers:
Stressing about our upcoming trip: 14,324,622 times (most in relation to a 15 hour drive with a car sickie! Still not 100% convinced of the cotton thing...tho it does *seem* to do the trick)

Glad you guys had fun.

Posted by: Tera at July 6, 2009 3:28 PM