April 28, 2010

Yeah, I'm A Geek

I'm a geek. I'm totally unashamed. I rejoice in my geekdom. When I started playing with computers, it was on a cutting edge Apple II+. And a lot has changed since then. Never in my eldest dreams could I have imagined myself sitting here with this magical thing on my lap. This thing that browses the internet, this thing that gets all my email, this thing that plays music and shows me television shows and movies. Yes, I'm sitting here typing this very post from my very own, very new and very cool iPad.

Yes, I took some of your advice and ignored the advice some of you offered (sorry) and went out during lunch yesterday and got myself an iPad. Now I'm only a few hours in and am nowhere close to figuring out exactly what I want to do with this thing but I have to admit it's pretty damn cool. I've already loaded some apps and some books, already surfed around, already set up a shared music library and already configured my way too many email accounts. And so far, so good. Typing on it is pretty easy too.

I'll keep you guys in the loop and let you know how this whole thing works out. But I think that, at the end of the day, I'm going to think this was a pretty good investment. And a pretty cool one to boot.

Do you consider yourself to be a geek? What's your best gadget investment?

Posted by Chris at April 28, 2010 7:00 AM

I think I was one of the people whose advice you ignored. How is the wifi?

Posted by: Jodifur at April 28, 2010 7:39 AM

I'm afraid your Geek credentials have been revoked. Geeks and Techs do not beta test sub standard technology for mega-corp giants...they let the proles do that. You should have waited. I guarantee that there will be a new version within the year which is far superior to the one you have. More than that, the failure rate with new tech from apple is truly horrific. Here's hoping you're ok, but having had a third gen iphone fail 3 times, I can speak from experience. Dont touch Apple 1st gen stuff until they work the kinks out. You were seduced by the dark side, you should have resisted for a few more months.

Posted by: ChocolateChip_Wookie at April 28, 2010 7:58 AM

Total geek here. And unfortunately, I don't have a lot of geeky friends. Mostly, I'm that guy that knows "everything" about computers, wearing a geeky t-shirt amongst the other soccer dads on the sidelines.

However, when I get in my element and geek out with geeky friends? Dude, it rocks.

Congrats on your iTampon. I'm curious about the typing. Home Row, or do you have to two-finger bang that thing?

Posted by: Brad at April 28, 2010 9:09 AM

I'm not a gadget geek, I'm a "strange facts and knowledge" geek. I can hold forth on the history and pathology of the bubonic plague for hours on end.

That, and scurvy. And rabies. And Hanta Virus.

I might need a new hobby.

Posted by: k8 at April 28, 2010 9:58 AM

I bought an almost new HP laptop a couple of weeks ago. 3G (as opposed to the 256K on this relic. Then I bought a wireless router and then when I realized I'd never get the hang of the built-in mouse (hands aren't steady enough)I went back and got a tiny, bright red mouse.

Now I'm learning to navigate around Windows 7 and I still read my morning emails and do most of my typing on the desktop because of the ergonomic keyboard.

It's fun to walk into Barnes & Noble looking like everyone else (only 40 years older) with my laptop and cell phone.

Enjoy your IPad.

Posted by: Ann Elizabeth Adams at April 28, 2010 10:15 AM

Not so much of a gadget geek, but definitely can appreciate the appeal. Personally I think we've crossed over that blurry line of "Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic", and the Ipad is a good example of a refinement of that; you essentially have in your hands the ultimate "book of knowing", because you have access to pretty much all the data and knowledge that is out there ( not sure if there is an app for Wisdom yet, but we're busy working away and will get back to you with either supportive AI, or the robot apocalypse. If the former, you're welcome, the latter, whoops. sorry about that, my bad. )

Anyway, my favorite geeky toy right now is the 32gb memory stick I keep in my wallet. I have more memory in my pants than NASA had at it's disposal in the entire space fleet during the moonshot days. I shouldn't be so jazzed about that, but I am! ;)

Also have heard reports of the screens breaking when dropped, and problems being left in the sun, so if you can get some kind of protective case might be well worth the investment, especially with little hands about!


Posted by: metawizard2 at April 28, 2010 10:44 AM

I'm a wanna be Geek!

Posted by: Maribeth at April 28, 2010 11:19 AM

Have tons of gadgets, but no geek here. I'm electronically challenged in many ways. Buying new TVs sends me over the edge because half the time, I couldn't get it from TV to watch a dang movie.

Enjoy your Ipad. I hear children love them, careful around the kiddos--they might want to take over.

Posted by: One Mom's Opinion at April 28, 2010 11:21 AM

Wow! You went ahead and ignored a lot of people! I read all those comments.


Silly, stubborn, man.

Posted by: debb at April 28, 2010 11:49 AM

Nice use of the wife-friendly code word "investment" as an attribute for a tech purchase. Well played!

I'm getting my iPad on Friday. ;o)

Posted by: James Proffitt at April 28, 2010 12:20 PM

I'm not really sure what type of geek I am. General purpose, I think ;) A bit of English, grammar, a forced development of statistical geekiness, photography, weird facts ... I can hold my own, I hope, in several arenas. And I already told you I just caved and bought an iPhone. (Which means I should probably try to sell my iPod touch, because it's a little redundant!)

Posted by: Heather at April 28, 2010 3:25 PM

Um, no. I'm WAY too hot to be a geek!

(just kidding)

I am a bit of a techie and am holding out for the next generation iPad.

My top gadget is the iPhone, followed by a tie between my Kindle and DVR.

Posted by: Robyn at April 28, 2010 3:37 PM

OMG...I think I've looked at the shipping status of my iPad a thousand times today. It MUST ship today if it's supposed to be at my house on Friday, right??

I never usually get the 1st edition..I wanna wait until it really works, but with this one, I couldn't wait. I wanted to be the first. Frustrates me that I don't have it yet (ordered the 3G because WiFi is spotty at best where I live) but it will make actually getting it that much sweeter. Is it sad that I justified the purchase by saying my daughter can now watch Dora on it and I can have the TV back? :)

Can't wait to hear more about what you think. I start drooling everytime I see/hear the word "iPad"...I need help.

Posted by: Jenn at April 28, 2010 4:18 PM

I miss buying gadgets.... I think the last toy I got was the Nintendo DS.... Sad I know....

Posted by: Rose @Dozenroses13 at April 28, 2010 4:19 PM

I knew you'd buy it! We all did. Glad you didn't listen to us and are happy.

I'm more of a gamer-geek. I want to make out with my Xbox and copy of Final Fantasy XIII. See also, the Wii, the DS, my old Super Ninteno, my older Nintendo.

Though I am extra looking forward to getting an iPhone in June. I tried to resist by getting a stupid regular phone and an iTouch, but everytime I use the iTouch I just mourn the fact it's not an iPhone.

Posted by: caleal at April 28, 2010 11:52 PM

I got an iPad several weeks ago. It's the best damn thing for reading Kindle books. And the Netflix app is my new best friend. Great battery life, too.

Posted by: boutros23 at April 29, 2010 6:33 PM

IWANTONE! I want one very very badly. I'm saving my nickels and dimes and slowly working on my husband. I would appreciate updates on your experiences with it. More ammunition!

Posted by: Lojo at April 30, 2010 7:36 AM

I am not jealous at all. Nope. Not me!

Posted by: Nadine at May 1, 2010 3:15 PM