May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

I was reading article the other day about some soldier stationed somewhere far afield. I don't have any recollection of the article, where I read it or it's purpose. But I do remember thinking that there were many such soldiers, so very far afield. As well as many who had made the ultimate sacrifice and wouldn't be coming home at all.

My great uncle with whom I spent Saturday evening is part of what's referred to as the Greatest Generation. It's a well-deserved label though I often think it does a disservice to the generations who have fought for our country both before and after. My uncle displays one of the chief traits of the Greatest Generation - a unique and unflappable stoicism.

About flying over the European theater and getting shot at, my uncle just states we did what we had to do. End of story. Full stop. There was no question. It's what they had to do.

Wars and conflicts these days seem to be less binary, less black and white. What we have to do isn't always as clear or well-defined. But while we can bicker over which conflicts are necessary and which aren't, the people that protect and defend us are always worth of our support.

Today is Memorial Day. Its time to remember. And thank.

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