September 13, 2010

Everybody's Working For The Week?

I think I found the solution to making Monday feel a little less painful, to ease re-entry from the weekend. Work all weekend. I said it was a solution, not a good solution. But that's pretty much what I did this weekend. Coming into work today just felt like a logical extension.

Now, there are some benefits of working during the weekend.

- You can wear what ever the hell you want.
- You can work while enjoying a frosty adult beverage (or three).
- You can use really foul language so long as your kids aren't around.
- When things get really bad, you can take a break and play Scooby Doo (you're usually the monster and Freddie which makes things challenging plus you always have to find out new and ingenious ways of trapping Daphne so she can then be rescued which can get difficult after the 45th time).
- You can bust out singing Heart's Barracuda if you want and no one will look at you funny or call security.
- Did I mention the beer thing?

Of course, the downside of all this is that you have to actually work. On the weekend. And the reason this is the downside requires no explanation.

Aside from all this, we managed to have a pretty good weekend. Mia was exhausted from her first week of school. Owen was exhausted out of sympathy. The weekend was full of bike riding, Barbie movies, Chinese food and, yes, work.

Luckily there's light at the end of the tunnel. As a matter of fact, the tunnel ends abruptly at 5:00 tonight.

How were your weekends? And have you worked your asses off lately?

Posted by Chris at September 13, 2010 6:50 AM

Yessiry, I have been cooking up a storm lately putting up vegetables from our garden! This years garden has been a total success! But....a lot of work too!

Posted by: Maribeth at September 13, 2010 7:53 AM

Boozing and work seem like a logical combination. Also..a drunk Freddie could be a Scooby monster.

Posted by: William at September 13, 2010 9:11 AM

Friday we attended my daughter's school's Back to School BBQ at which I had hoped to see my daughter and have dinner with her, but her dad insisted on taking her home as soon as her volunteer shift was over, so I helped her pack her meal to go while she cried and her dad stood around being useless.

Saturday was opening day of our local AYSO soccer season, so we went to see my daughter's soccer game. They lost 3-2 but played well. I took over 100 pictures. Oops. Gotta love digital.

Yesterday I did the laundry, cleaned all three of our bathrooms so the company coming on Saturday won't be grossed out, updated 2 of my 3 websites, tidied the pool shed, and attended a 90 minute parents' meeting for my daughter's youth group.

All three nights, we watched the Lord of the Rings on DVD. It was on TV but we hate commercials. We are almost through The Two Towers. Again. :-)

It's Monday again but it's my daughter's birthday on Saturday and I can't wait to see her. Then we're going to Disneyland for three days so I'm pretty much living for that right now.

Posted by: Brooke at September 13, 2010 12:16 PM

I was recovering from being out of town for two weeks for family visiting and my sister Darla's wedding. Mountains of laundry and a Rockies baseball game on Saturday night. Made for one short weekend. House is still a mess, but I'm working on getting it cleaned up and back in order. Leaving my guys alone for a week is always interesting.

Posted by: One Mom's Opinion at September 13, 2010 6:30 PM

Actually, my work week works like that all the time.. I work from home, and all my coworkers are off work by the time I start, so it's pretty much just me doing my own thing.

/dodges tomatoes.

Posted by: Katie at September 13, 2010 10:23 PM

This weekend I overslept, read a book, worked on planning a funeral ... you know, the usual.

Posted by: Heather at September 14, 2010 2:22 AM