April 27, 2011

The State (Small S) of the State (Big S)

I'm kinda dismayed and reluctant to say anything about it lest I sound as though I'm whining.

Someone reminded me that Wonkette was still up and running and though I'd pushed the site from my consciousness long ago I decided to drop by and visit. What greeted me was a little bit sad. Okay, a lot bit sad. And really indicative of why politics is so hopelessly flawed.

When you visit the site (I don't recommend it), you basically get a full page ad for a new book by Larry Flynt. Neat. Who doesn't like being greeted by America's creepiest pornographer? There's content too but not so much that it gets in the way of all the precious advertising real estate. The content isn't anything to write home about - here's why this democrat is stupid, here's why this republican is stupid, here's why all democrats are stupid, here's why all republicans are stupid, here's a minor story we've blown completely out of proportion. It just goes on and on in a misguided attempt to be edgy and witty because you know the style du jour is modern ironic.

They say the truth hurts and maybe that's why Wonkette bothers me so much. There's a highly exaggerated nugget of truth to each and every story. Yes, Donald Trump is misguided though I suspect he's using his birther argument to drum up publicity and give Celebrity Apprentice ratings a jump start. A big-boobed Megan McCain is shown, painted as groveling for a job for the aforementioned Trump while Wonkette editorializes about heartless republicans quipping that they "don’t even like bloated half-dead starving kids in third-world countries" which has little to do with anything. Ayn Rand is categorized as one of many "Dumb People Taken Seriously" and Washington DC is portrayed as a backwater swamp.

Look, I love picking on Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Michelle Bachman as much as the next guy. Who wouldn't? They give and give and give. But at some point, you're just being an asshat to be an asshat. And it does nothing to solve the problem, just egg-on the problem-makers. I'm not offended or even really annoyed. It's just sad. Because Wonkette and the other snarky, smarter-than-smart political bloggers have really managed to capture everything that's wrong with their subject - pointing of fingers, lack of dialogue, minimization of concerns, and calling people stupid. Maybe that was their point. How modern ironic of them.

Posted by Chris at April 27, 2011 6:42 AM

They just fuel the fire. Hatred and fear is what they feed on.

Posted by: One Mom's Opinion at April 27, 2011 1:57 PM

How true. Also, slightly tangential, but came across this piece by Joyce Maynard (seems easier and rather more insulting, to call her Salinger's ex), written in 1973. Mostly about her generation but seems to address the cynicism-is-hip revolution sweeping through our world.


Posted by: Plankton at April 29, 2011 9:39 AM

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