July 18, 2011

Dear Tiffanys

Dear Tiffanys,

Let's just say - theoretically, mind you - there's a guy out in the world who wants nothing more than to take his wife out for a wonderful evening. He hatches a plan. First he decides to take her to see the new Winnie The Pooh movie because it was her favorite set of children's stories when she was a child and she expressed on more than one occasion "I actually want to see that without the kids." He makes reservations later in the evening at a swanky restaurant. In between, he wants to take his wife to your fine establishment to buy the earrings which match the necklace he bought his wife for Mother's Day.

If this guy hatched this clever plan, you'd better be fucking open.

I'll admit, theoretically, that it should have been part if this guy's due diligence to check the store hours but never in his wildest dreams would he expect your store to close at 6:00 on a Saturday. He was - hypothetically - trying to be a hero. You're senior citizen hours didn't help. One damn bit.

Still, you'll be happy to know that this guy and his wife had a nice evening. The movie was silly, dinner was wonderful, ice cream afterwards was perfect. The only thing that would have made it better? Heroic, silver earrings. I'm just sayin'.

Yours in Christ,

Posted by Chris at July 18, 2011 7:28 AM

I guess they don't believe in Dinner at Tiffany's either. Regardless, you are an amazing husband! Beth is so lucky.

Posted by: Heather at July 18, 2011 8:00 AM

Aww! That was a good plan, too.

Posted by: Fraulein N at July 18, 2011 10:22 AM

Man, what an awesome plan! You are a great husband!! Sorry that Tiffany's wasn't open.

Posted by: Krush at July 18, 2011 12:32 PM

You - I mean theoretical-man - ARE (is) awesome, but expecting a jewellery - or any specialty - store to be open past 6 on a Saturday is a little optomistic.

Posted by: harmzie at July 18, 2011 2:38 PM

Sounds like a good evening :) I gotta find a guy to buy me Tiffany's....or get rich enough to afford it myself...neither is particularly likely at this point :P

Posted by: Heather at July 18, 2011 7:23 PM

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