July 22, 2011


Six. Oh my god, how did that happen?

Six years ago, Mia was brought into the world, not without a little bit of a struggle. She was breach, with the umbilical cord wrapped three times around her neck. Her legs shot up around her head as soon as she tasted air and she refused the care of anyone other than her mom, even nurses.

Six years later, Mia is this talented, smart person who swims, draws, reads, writes poetry, does cartwheels, makes friends wherever she goes and is oh-so-proud of her long hair. She is a miracle. Words cannot even begin to describe how much I love her.

I love you, Bean. Happy Birthday.

Posted by Chris at July 22, 2011 7:08 AM

Time flies, my friend. I haven't evicted this baby yet, and the next time I turn around, he'll be six years old, too. But there's one thing I know for sure -- you wouldn't give a single part (OK, maybe the parts where she was sick) of those six years back.

Happy Birthday, Mia! (And, way to hang in there, Mom and Dad!)

Posted by: ironic1 (Gina) at July 22, 2011 7:39 AM

Happy B-day Mia!

Posted by: jodifur at July 22, 2011 7:48 AM

Oh my goodness! SIX! Happy Birthday Mia!

Posted by: Maribeth at July 22, 2011 7:51 AM

Happy Birthday Mia! You are so lucky to have such a great mom and dad!

Posted by: Heather at July 22, 2011 8:14 AM

Wow! Happy birthday, Mia! I can't believe you're already 6.

Posted by: Lisa at July 22, 2011 8:16 AM

I swear, her birthday keeps coming up faster and faster!

Happy birthday, Miss Mia! xoxo

Posted by: Emily at July 22, 2011 8:48 AM

Happy Birthday Mia!

Posted by: Elizabeth at July 22, 2011 9:06 AM

Happy Birthday Mia! You're an amazing young lady! Great work mom & dad! Hope your day rocks hard!!

Posted by: Kris at July 22, 2011 9:38 AM

Wishing Mia a very Happy Birthday!

Posted by: One Mom's Opinion at July 22, 2011 10:18 AM

Happy Birthday Mia!

Posted by: Kris H. at July 22, 2011 10:26 AM

Happy birthday to her! Hope you guys get to celebrate a tone. :)

Posted by: Claire at July 22, 2011 10:39 AM

Of course she's wonderful! Look at her parents! Happy 6th to Mia! It's a sweet age!

Posted by: Schadenfreude Warehouse at July 22, 2011 10:46 AM

Wasn't her 5th birthday yesterday? Happy Birthday, Mia.

Posted by: ann adams at July 22, 2011 11:07 AM

happy birthday, beautiful mia!

Posted by: kati at July 22, 2011 1:34 PM

Happy Birthday Mia!

Posted by: Krush at July 22, 2011 3:27 PM

Happy Birthday Mia! Happy to share my birthday with you!

Posted by: Jenn M at July 22, 2011 5:56 PM

Wow, has it really been six years?! Happy Birthday Mia!

Posted by: bad penguin at July 22, 2011 6:02 PM

Happy birthday, Bean! Man oh man, time sure flies. I remember that spiky haired baby so well, and now she's such a beautiful young lady!

Posted by: Heather at July 23, 2011 2:27 PM

Happy Birthday Mia. Six is SO much fun!!

Posted by: Kim at July 23, 2011 11:15 PM

Happy birthday Mia!

Posted by: Katherine at July 24, 2011 3:14 AM

Happy birthday Mia!

Posted by: kali at July 24, 2011 2:44 PM

Happy (belated) birthday Mia!

Posted by: Emily at July 24, 2011 11:55 PM

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