December 6, 2011

Community Theater

For those of you who haven't been following my ramblings all that closely, Beth and Mia auditioned for and are now appearing in a play. It opened on Friday night. Beth was great in her admittedly minor role. Mia was brilliant in her more pivotal one.

I saw the performance for the second time on Sunday evening. I took Owen. He wanted to see his mom and big sis on the stage. Since I knew what was coming and didn't have to sit, white-knuckled, waiting for Beth and Mia to appear on stage, I had a little bit more time to look at the whole performance a little more critically.

I think everyone in the production would admit to what I discovered - it has highs and lows but is right on par for what it is. Community theater. And then I started theater almost by definition shouldn't be perfect.

I'm no actor. I have no desire to be on a stage performing in front of people. But I admire those that do. And that's what makes community theater great, regardless of the results. It's the fact that a rocket scientist (really) has the lead role and probably only does it because his wife (who has the female lead) talked him into it. Or the somewhat minor role played by the woman with terminal cancer who gets chemo treatments before going to rehearsal. Or the kids who try out with their parents, playing small roles or singing in the choir so they won't be bored out of their minds. Or the guy who unbelievably plays in a rock band and really has no business being an actor on a stage but who loves it so much that it's obvious and infectious.

It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be fun.

Mia is most definitely having fun. And I know I'm her dad and I have to say this but I can't make you believe it enough - she's really, really good. She goes out, smiles, delivers her lines authentically, and has a wonderful time doing it. And I have a wonderful time watching.

Posted by Chris at December 6, 2011 7:43 AM

Totally agree. My wife and I went to our community theater's musical performance of 'A Christmas Carol'. Awefully good for a community theater group. One of the best singers on the stage was the local veterinarian.

Posted by: J at December 6, 2011 10:50 AM

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