November 12, 2012

Veteran's Day

I went to Mia's school on Friday afternoon for their Veteran's Day performance. Six classes of kids sang the patriotic songs they'd been working on for weeks while parents watched and clapped. At one point, all the veterans in the audience, about eight or nine, were called up front, thanked and applauded and one last song was sung.

I'm sure the same thing went on at thousands of elementary schools across the country. In the aggregate, nice but unremarkable. But individually, incredibly special. It was something that transcended what was actually happening in a random public school gym. Those eight or nine people left their families, traveled around the world, learned new skills and - literally - risked everything for our country. It seems to me that, surrounded by kids and parents in the epicenter of your community, being recognized in this way is perhaps the most wonderful and perfect way to thank those who took that risk. Not only is it much earned recognition but a way for kids to learn about the burden that those veterans took on for the rest of us.

For those who served, thank you. For those that didn't, be sure to thank a veteran.

Posted by Chris at November 12, 2012 8:02 AM

I am so lucky to have so many veterans in my life. And so many people you'd never suspect have served our country. It's staggering...

Posted by: alektra at November 12, 2012 9:24 AM

What a beautiful tribute! (both the school program and your post.)

Posted by: Kristin at November 12, 2012 12:49 PM


Posted by: dbs at November 12, 2012 2:21 PM